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Worried about Students Searching the Web Safely? 8 Safe Search Engines for Kids


Special Purpose Search Engines Perfect for Young Students

It is inevitable that today's students are going to use Internet search engines from time to time to as part of assigned school work. But the Internet is not without its share of safety issues and content that is inappropriate for younger students. Fortunately, there are plenty of good kid-focused search tools available, you only need to know where to find them (and now you do)! These search environments are safer and more appropriate for kids than the traditional adult search engines.


KidzSearch logo safe search engineKidzSearch is an exclusive search engine designed for your. Upon searching, KidzSearch returns search results that are Google “Restricted”. It is an independent search engine that is not dependent on your computer browser settings or cookies. The search engine does not compromise on quality or details but deletes possible adult contents in them.

Searchy Pants

Searchy Pants safe search engine for kids[Ed Note: Apparently Searchy Pants has been discontinued – KW 11/27/16]

Funny name isn’t it? But there’s nothing funny about Searchy Pants as a solid kid’s search engine. This search engine is good enough and safe for children, pupils and families. It allows users to create a custom home page and makes it easier for communication.


KidRex safe search engineKidRex is a safe and sound search option for kids. KidRex searches for exclusive kid-related Internet pages across the web. They are powered by Google custom search and use the technology of Google SafeSearch.


Kids Click safe search engine

KidsClick, as it claims, is not an Internet filter but is a directory of over six hundred sources of strong subjects for kids. The information can be used for school work and learning. There are absolutely no ads in the search engine as it is a comprehensive collection of clean sites and kid-friendly interface.

Yahoo Kids

Yahoo Kids image

Possibly Yahoo Kids is one of those kids search engines that does not really need an introduction. It is an exclusive doorway to websites in the Yahoo directory that boasts URLs especially for kids. The search engine’s home page is full of colorful, cool and kids-engaging stuff. Search results are basically under three categories namely: Results on the web, Results on the Yahoo kid directory and Results in Yahoo kids.

Aga – Kids

Aga kids safe search

Aga-Kids is one of the most visual-friendly and colorful search engines around. There are two options here to choose from – visual search and text search. Most search results are displayed in animated and interactive thumbnails. This search engine is very limited as it filters only kids-related websites.


Mymunka safe searchYet another amusing name, Mymunka is just-for-kids, safe and fun place to browse on.

Setting up Google for Safe Search

Last, but by no means the least, if you are one of those parents who prefer introducing the real world or serious stuff to your kids without ‘kiddy' elements, you may want to consider using the Google search engine's SafeSearch mode. The SafeSearch option in Google enables you to prevent possible adult contents from entering into your kid’s search list. While there is no filter that is absolutely safe or accurate, SafeSearch will still help you avoid most adult materials.

This can be turned on or off by three simple steps:

  1. Enter Google’s setting page at www.google.com/preferences.
  2. Check the box beside “Filter explicit results”. This will help you stay away from sexually explicit images and videos in the Google search pages and other results linking to explicit content. You can simply uncheck the box to turn off the filtering option. Once this is turned off, you will get access to the most relevant search results that may also include explicit content.
  3. Do not forget to click the Save option available in the bottom of the page.

You can prevent third parties from altering your settings by clicking the SafeSearch option while you are logged into your Google account. Make sure your cookies are enabled for SafeSearch option to work well. You can also search for more Google Safety options here.

How important is it to keep our kids, and young students, safe from the kinds of Internet content that you don't want them stumbling across? Thank the technology organizations that have provided search tools to work to keep the content clean while kids access the unbelievable wealth of information and learning at their fingertips!



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  2. I am shocked you never included https://WackySafe.com , this site allows your child to investigate topics they’re interested in while protecting them from the stuff they’re not ready to see and offers a whole bunch of features, like voice search, text-to-speech of results, translation of results etc. Is there any chance we could be included in your article?

    Thank you



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