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Sharing Student-Created Presentations About the Importance of 21st Century Skills


One of the Most Rewarding Moments as a Teacher is Seeing the Pride in Student's Faces When They Present Something They Have Created.

In the Emerging Information Technologies class I taught at The College of Westchester this Fall, the final project was the creation of a presentation that focused on a selected 21st Century skill set (communication, collaboration, creativity, or finding and organizing information). This is an entry level course, focused on understanding current and evolving information and communication technologies that are being used in the present day work place, and laying a foundation for students to develop the technology skills they are likely to need to excel in their careers.

Students were asked to select a skill set that they feel is important, find a couple resources that support their assertion, and provide some examples of tools that are being used to apply this skill in business and society. This information was to be presented using one of a set of presentation applications they could choose from, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoon, etc.

I asked some of these students if I could share their work here on EmergingEdTech and they gave me permission to do so. So, without further adieu, I give you several well done student-created presentations about the importance of 21st Century Skills in the modern work place …

Maria Moreira Herrera: Creativity and Innovation

Maria's Prezi presentation seeks to persuade the viewer that creativity and innovation are the most important 21st Century skills. To view the Prezi, click Start Prezi (give it a minute to load) then click on the right arrow at the bottom of the view window to move the presentation from one frame to the next.

Yanizee Troncoso: Collaborating in Teams

Yanizee chose to use Powtoon for her presentation, that discusses the importance of collaboration and some tools that can be used for it. Powtoon is such a fun way to make a professional presentation, for free! (I just noted a missed letter in a word – too bad Powtoon doesn't have spell check function yet).

Yaril Tejada: Communicate Effectively

I really like that Yaril chose to supplement her PowerPoint with voice over. Her use of PowerPoint's Transitions and Animations also helped to make the presentation lively and eye catching, without being excessive. (To make it easy to view, I played the slide show and recorded it with Camtasia).

While these presentations may not be perfect, the spirit and hard work behind them is wonderful. I have no doubt these students will continue to evolve their skills and knowledge as they work through their degrees and enhance their 21st century skills and prepare to join the many other other successful CW graduates in our region's work force!

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  1. […] Here’s a little story I’d like to share. Last fall, in a freshman course I taught at The College of Westchester where I work, the final project was to create a persuasive presentation about the importance of a 21st Century Skill, and how that skill is being increasingly leveraged through the use of technology tools in the modern era. Several of my students were motivated by this and really threw themselves into it. A couple were excite to use Prezi or Powtoon, stepping away from the ‘comfort zone’ of Powerpoint. It was great to see the pride in their faces as their presentations were delivered! I was delighted with the results and shared some of these presentations in this post on EmergingEdTech: Sharing Student-Created Presentations About the Importance of 21st Century Skills. […]

  2. James – In fairness, I would have to mention that Powtoon was really developed for professionals, not for student use. The fact that it is a powerful, fun tool makes it great for various types of student uses, but it more appropriate for older students (lets say 6-12 and higher ed) given that fact it was not designed specifically for education (one such implication being that you have to vet your own spelling!).

  3. PowToon: No Spell Check!!!??? My 4th grade daughter told me PowToon did not have spell check, and I didn’t believe her. A presentation format for children who are still learning to write, as well as spell, without an ability to look up words at the very least, albeit no spell check, is just unbelievably “D”umb.


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