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RIP Vuvox, We’ll Miss Ya


This unique free scrolling timeline-style application has been retired. I won't be the only one who misses it.

Vuvox was one of the first fun free digital tools I used as I began to explore and learn about the wonder of how web tools could be used for education (and much more!). I just recently learned that it has been put out to pasture, retired, removed, deleted, defunct, … well, you get the idea. It's gone. Aloft was a very cool app that allowed users to combine text, images, music, and hyperlinks to create a left to right scrolling presentation. It was free, original, and fun. And no it is now more.

Vuvox RIP image

In addition to recommending Vuvox as a fun free tool for digital presentations and a unique approach to creating flipped learning content, I also had the pleasure of using it to create visual accompaniments to songs I recorded.

This video was created as a companion to an original jazz rock instrumental I recorded titled “Aloft”.

(Aloft is available for purchase along with other original K. Walsh songs on on Amazon.com and iTunes .)

I also used Vuvox and some original art my daughter and niece and nephew did, along with some borrowed art and creative commons photography, to create one of the earliest recordings and videos I did, a cover of the folk song The Streets of Laredo.


Thanks for what you enabled me and so many other users do with your wonderful free functionality Vuvox. We'll miss ya!


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I am also looking for a long time for an alternative to VUVOX. PREZI is nice but it is not the same.

    Do you use/find in the meantime a similar tool to VUVOX?

    Best Regards

  2. Hello Kelly,

    I also miss Vuvox a lot, as I used to work with it few times.
    Do you have other tools similar to Vuvox to recommend?

    Thanks in advance,


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