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More iPhone and iPad Apps for Education – August Roundup


This month's best looking picks from the education oriented iOS apps that crossed my virtual desk: Math, Reading, Studying/Quizzing, Classroom Management

Each month many app makers and vendors reach out to share new and recently published apps that were designed with teaching and learning in mind. Here's a small selection of some the most promising ones I've seen over the last month. I've included the current pricing, a link to the app in the iTunes store (some of these apps may only be available in the US – sorry about that, obviously I have no control over that), and some feedback from educators and reviewers when available.

Questimate (Free on iTunes, Coins and Quests available for fees)

“How many giraffes would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty? How fast is the world's fastest train? How many jelly beans would it take to fill up a soccer ball? In what year was the cell phone invented?”. This new app from the makers of Motion Math (learn more about that proven effective app in this article) is rated 4+. Learn more about Questimate here.

“A great way to get your kids thinking about math in a playful way” — Apps Playground

“Allows students to think proportionally in fun and dynamic ways; I highly recommend it as a way to bring a fresh perspective to any middle school math class.” — Kellie Mullin, 6th grade teacher

“Makes an EXCELLENT family game” — Smart Apps For Kids

Reading Comprehension Booster ($3.99 on iTunes)

“Booster bookmarks were designed by an expert in the field of differentiated instruction, and are based on essential instructional elements identified in literacy, brain and learning research. Each booster has a variety of interactive options to tap into different ability levels and interests. Users can read or listen to directions, draw, type, drag or record responses, and much more.”

“This app is perfect for my computer/iPad addicted apraxic son! He struggles with writing, and connecting his thoughts in order. Also, the play back button helps my son hear his own speech and correct it.” — Aquifolia

“This easy to use app is a terrific tool for supporting student achievement through organization, recall, and interpretation of fiction text. I can't wait to try it with non fiction items, students love it. It is intuitive and easy to use. A must have tool for the classroom or for individual students!” — Mastertchr12 (Ed Consultant)

“I can't believe how my two students are improving in their reading skills. Its simple to use. Great simple product…..and fun to use.” — Paradann

Math Champ Challenge (Free on iTunes, $3.99 to unlock all levels)

This new app from the award winning INKids Education team is designed around Common Core Standards. With over 2500 questions this fast paced game is engaging and provide valuable feedback to students. It is designed for Grades 4 to 7 and is rated 4+.

Silent Light ($ 3.99 on iTunes)

“An exciting addition to your teacher toolkit, Silent Light gives instantly accessible feedback on the noise level in your class with beautiful, clear artwork and subtle audio cues. Set optimum sound level goals together and help your students manage their own learning. Silent Light shows the decibel level in your learning space with an easy to understand traffic light system, which you can share on your projector or TV.” Learn more here.

“Fabulous classroom resource! Simple to use, subtle in the classroom- yet extremely effective. My class environment has changed dramatically since using it.  It's not often that the learners in my class ask me to use a quieter voice” – Treena K., Year 4 classroom teacher.

Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference
Customer ratings and the track records of several of these app creators make these apps look promising. Are you familiar with any of these apps? Do you have similar apps to recommend? Drop a comment and tell us about them.

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