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Standards Planner – Manage Lesson Materials and Resources in Minutes, Free and Easy!


Get organized AND get thousands of resources to aid with new national and state standards!

Have you found it difficult implementing the common core or other national standards in the classroom? Does bookmarking and linking to different sites and material become tedious and inconvenient? Do you ever find yourself wishing all teaching materials could be organized on one screen for you to edit and view?

Now they can be.

Standards Planner is a free and simple web app that allows teachers to organize their material while providing thousands of resources to aid with new national and state standards. While Standards Planner is a newly developed application, several teachers have already tested it. The feedback has been outstanding. Teachers comment that the app is easy to learn and all documents and videos can be organized and viewed within one page.

It’s as easy as search, drag and drop

Teachers can quickly schedule their teaching material by dragging them from the left-side App Center to the calendar on the right.


You can create or upload material into the software and optionally align them to standards, or choose from pre-aligned resources from Khan Academy and CK12 Flexbooks. Teachers are also able to connect their Standards Planner account to their Google Drive to utilize those resources.

To find resources aligned to standards, simply click on the standard and there you will see aligned resources that will help you teach that specific requirement. You may also align standards to a resource you would like to share with your peers- making them public and viewable by others.

Personalize your material and make it look like you!

Straight out of the box, this app lets you customize your calendar to reflect your subjects and period schedule. You may even change the theme color of your app. Quickly setup your years, semesters and quarters in weekly, block and/or custom order.


When creating lessons or units, simply drag and drop other material from the App Center into the lesson plan to enhance and organize your material the way you would like it. Then simply print, share, or even collaborate with peers on your material.

Share your teaching material, flip your classroom!Standards-Plannner-Screen3

Once your material has been organized, you can share it with teachers, administrators, substitutes, and parents. You can even use it to flip your classroom to provide training material for students at home.

On your Public Calendar, you may turn specific periods on or off to hide material you do not want displayed on your teacher website.

Aside from these highlighted features, Standards Planner offers numerous other tools that make teaching and organizing a classroom efficient and convenient for all involved.

Standards Planner also comes with free support and dedicated staff to help assist and setup accounts. Try out their free software by quickly jumping into a demo or sign up for your free account today!



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