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A Few Free Lesson Planning and Classroom Resources for Teachers


Creating Lesson Plans and Finding Related Resources has Never Been Easier, Thanks to Free Web Based Resources Like These.

Today, there are many online resources for teachers to make lesson planning quicker, easier, and more productive. Unlike ten or twenty years ago, teachers no longer need to spend countless hours creating lesson plans ‘from scratch’ and finding related resources. Now there are plenty of online tools to help busy teachers make lesson plans and find great worksheets without wasting too much time.

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Here are a few great websites for the best resources for your lesson planning and management needs.


On PlanboardApp, teachers can easily streamline lessons plans and get help, resources, and info from other teachers teaching similar grades and age groups. Users can even arrange their lessons in a way that will better prepare their students for standardized tests. This site has curriculum and lesson plan ideas to help with standardized tests from Common Core State Standards, Ontario Curriculums, TEKs, among many others. Users can also easily organize lesson plans according to classroom schedules and school rotational schedules. All of this saves teachers time from rewriting the same types of lesson plans repeatedly because they can create customized templates.

Additionally, if one of your students misses a class or if you want to directly forward your substitute teacher the lesson plan, you can easily do it with this online program. Should you ever need to shift around your schedule due to a public holiday or a snow day, you are also able to easily change around your schedule with their online tools. Even more impressive, users are able to easily attach all their handouts, notes, files, and photos to lesson plans so that everything is together.


MyLessonPlanner is another great website for teachers wanting to get more out of their lesson plans while saving time. Among its many features is collaborative lesson planning that allows teachers to trade notes and lesson plans online as well as customized reports that can track students’ progress. Additionally, this site makes preparing students for state and national standardized exams easier. This website accomplishes this via their online interactive features that have different input options. For instance, you can filter the standardized tests by state, grade level, and/or subject and then view the different potential questions, skills that students will need, as well as the exam’s section types. This allows teachers to know the exact material that they need to cover in order to better prepare their students for these standardized tests.

In regards to lesson planning, this site makes it very easy for teachers to make and organize lesson plans even if they teach different age groups and subjects. Users can organize lesson plans according to a particular area that they need to cover in a specific class. A red check mark will appear next to it to showing that the teacher has covered the material for certain groups of students. Moreover, teachers’ lesson plans can be arranged by lesson planners that are available in daily or weekly blocks. The subject lesson planners give users the chance to visualize where they are going in the curriculum. As an added bonus, users can add sticky notes where needed.

This website also provides customizable templates that schools can use as a formatting tool so their teachers abide by certain standards. Lesson plan themes can also be personalized with different colors, designs, and fonts. There is also a search tool that allows teachers to easily locate a concept or lesson they taught that needs to be revisited. Furthermore, this great website also includes a lesson plan library that teachers can use to browse other teachers’ shared lesson plans. This website also provides teachers the chance to better connect with students and their parents by creating a website that they can visit and consult regarding any assignments or upcoming tests.


Scholastic.com provides teachers a great place to find worksheets and other classroom materials to print out for free. Teachers can choose from graphics organizers, Venn diagrams, reading worksheets, self-testing tools, reading records and so much more. If you are a teacher who needs better classroom handouts, this is a great site to visit.

These and other great online tools allow teachers to plan classes with ease. Do you have a resource like this that you want to share? Please drop a comment and tell other readers about them!

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  1. I used mylessonplanner before but found it to be too one-dimensional. I’ve since signed up to ExamTime (http://www.examtime.com/) as you can plan your lessons but also use the system to create mindmaps & flashcards to share with your students who are also members so it functions as a useful learning application also.

    This means you are not logging into 100 different tools to access notes etc – it’s all in one place. Plus you can get your students to sign up in class & create a study group as it’s completely free. Mt students have more access to their notes that are represented in an easy, visual manner.

    I would recommend every teacher interested in integrating technology in the classroom check ExamTime out.


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