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Printing From Your Smartphone – a Tutorial


Can I print from my Smartphone? Yes! Here's one easy way to do it.

So you’re a college student and you're running late to class. You’ve got an end of term paper due, and you knocked it out of the park after long nights of research. It seemed like an endless string of review sessions and proofreading – but you know this thing is good. But your professor is rather unforgiving and wants it turned in no later than the assigned time he set out on the syllabus. You’ve got to print the entire paper – all 15 pages of it. Not a big deal, but your printer happens to be low on cyan toner. You don’t need to print off anything with color, just a simple black and white word document. Panic sets in …

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Your solution? Printing the document via your mobile phone!

So how is this done? It sounds fairly straightforward but how do you go about printing your paper via smartphone? First you need a printer that is ePrint-enabled. Many of the printers released in the last 3 years are capable of printing jobs sent from a mobile phone. Many businesses and schools already have these printers implemented, so you shouldn’t worry.

Now you need the application to activate the printer over your phone.

PrinterShare is a great app for Android and iPhone users. There are multiple apps out there to connect your phone to a printer, but PrinterShare is my favorite. It’s got a slick and easy-to-use interface for beginners and advanced techies alike, so no worries if you have little knowledge of tapping into public networks and the like. The app allows you to select from a variety of options, including printing off web pages, Google Docs, pictures, and PDF files. Other apps are available for printing off Windows-specific programs such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

PrinterShare can be used on phones, tablets, or other similar devices. Just select the correct discovered printer and eureka! The print job will be sent to your local printer. You can also do a “print preview” like you would on your personal computer.

Once you’ve got the correct printer selected and your document is ready to print off, tap on the print button on your mobile device. You should hear the printer start to pump out your 15-page masterpiece shortly. Print the document, give the paper a quick look-see and ensure pages are in proper order, and head to class a few minutes early as you walk through the door and promptly hand your paper to the professor, virtually marking the start of your summer vacation.

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