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Do You Know About The Many Free Resources For Education Available from Apple?


In memory and honor of the visionary Mr. Jobs, this week we're sharing some of the many education related resources that Apple Computer has made available.

In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

I just wanted to take a brief moment to express my sadness at the loss of one of the true visionaries in the computer technology field. May he rest in peace, and may his example inspire people worldwide to exhibit bold leadership and to continually strive for innovation.
I first worked on an Apple computer in 1983, programming the Lisa Assembly Language and BASIC on an Apple IIe. It amazes me to think that Steve Jobs was just 28 at the time but had already played a pivotal role in developing and marketing the Apple microcomputer, which had begun to find its way into educational institutions in the US.
Leap forward nearly 30 years to the present day, and the innovation and impact of Apple technologies in education is stronger than ever, as attested to in this video highlighting the emergence of the iPad as a powerful tool that is finding its way into classrooms across the world and into the hands of more students every day.
We've lost a rare individual, but his legacy will be with us forever. 

Below I have provided summary information and select details about some of the many resources available from Apple on this page: www.apple.com/education/resources.

Professional Development
Apple offers 15 different Professional Development hands-on workshops for educators. Apple experts will show you how to integrate their products into your curriculum, assessment strategies, and overall student environment, for a richer teaching and student learning experience.  Workshops are held at your school (or district site of your choosing), and they can be tailored to your group’s specific needs. All Apple Professional Development workshops qualify for Continuing Education Units. Click here to download the PD workshops catalog.

I have to assume the aforementioned workshops are charged for (I'll clarify that and update this accordingly), but there are also a number of free Professional Development resources available from Apple, including the “Tune-in Series” of technology seminars for educators and IT leaders, and these “iWork Tutorials”.

Special Education & Accessibility
Apple is clearly committed to accessibility, and provides extensive resources for students with special needs, and for developers looking to accommodate those needs. Resource sections are broken out by product types (OS X, iPad, iPhone, and iPod & iTunes), with subsections on each page dedicated to Vision, Hearing, and Physical & Motor Skills. Also, don't miss the general resources page.

Here are a few examples of the tools and information that are offered in Apple's Accessibility web pages:

Apple has developed and made available a variety of tools designed around curriculum support.

Challenge Based Learning: One of the curriculum tools Apple has compiled focuses on Challenge Based Learning, which “applies what is known about the emerging learning styles of high school students and leverages the powerful new technologies that provide new opportunities to learn to provide an authentic learning process that challenges students to make a difference.” Click here to download Apple's Challenge Based Learning curriculum guidelines; click here to access their CBL Classroom Guide.

There happens to be a free webinar, “Challenge Based Learning in action” coming up on Tuesday, October 19 from 10 to 11:30 AM Pacific Time. Learn more and register for this webinar here.

Apple also has these other Curriculum Resources available: a “Moviemaking Curriculum”, a “Guide to Creating Student-Led Documentaries”, and a science learning piece titled, “How Notebook Computers, Digital Media and Probeware Can Transform Science Learning”.

Apple's funding information resources include:

  • This guide to “Using federal funds for Apple education solutions”.
  • Getting Creative with Perkins: “The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act gives educators an opportunity to refresh their career and technical programs and, in the process, provide engaging learning opportunities, 21st century skills and better prospects for high school students on the brink of transitioning to their adult lives.” This document provides lots of insights and ideas into how these funds can be leveraged.
  • This brochure about Apple's Trade-In Program for Education.
  • Click here for information about Student, Faculty, and Staff Discounts.

Apps for Education
This page includes different two sections of Apps – one section for the iPad, and another for the iPod Touch/iPhone. Each section is grouped into the following Academic Subject Categories: English Language Arts; Mathematics; Science; History and Geography; Language Development; Arts, Music, and Creativity; and Reference, Productivity, and Collaboration.

Thanks to Apple for providing all of these great resources!

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