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Education Technology Tweet Wrap for the week of 06-13-11


This week’s collection of Education Technology article and resource Tweets.

(Originally posted on Twitter by @EmergingEdTech over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers).

  • Infographic: How the Internet Is Revolutionizing Education – http://bit.ly/kXFMON
  • Knewton's “Adaptive Learning” Technology Spreads to Tens of Thousands of Students: http://bit.ly/j7xRw2
  • Syracuse Sends Personalized Videos to Admitted Students to Stop ‘Summer Melt' : http://bit.ly/mH4JmC
  • Summer Educators ‘Mix Up' Learning with Technology: http://bit.ly/iYfIDV
  • America's Leader in Online Learning: Idaho? http://bit.ly/lILNiR
  • Gates Ed-Tech Winners Announced: http://bit.ly/ikpBDS
  • Free laptops ‘nightmare' (lesson = you have to plan for this properly before roll out!): http://bit.ly/jcEI9h
  • Hatch, Inc. to Launch Powerful New Content Management System for Interactive Whiteboards: http://bit.ly/jphBOG
  • A Simple Way to Record and Publish Audio to the Web (from Profhacker): http://bit.ly/jIF8df
  • Best Buy's Geek Squad Launches 5th Annual Summer Academy to Educate Teens About Tech: http://bit.ly/jK3YE1


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Education Technology Twitter Post Weekly Summaries



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