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Would You Take A Free Online Ed Tech Workshop This Summer?


Interested? Which of these topics and time-frames would you prefer?

I'd like to offer a free online workshop for teachers (and anyone else who is interested) this summer. I'm planning on a 4 week workshop that would probably require around 2 or 3 hours of work a week. This would be a hands-on, interactive experience, in which all participants would communicate with me and with each other as we learn how to use one (or several) free web-based applications in the classroom.

There are a handful of topics I am considering focusing on, and I'd like your input on which of these you would prefer learning about. I also have a few other questions about your preferences and your background. If you are interested in doing this, please take the brief survey below.

[I have now closed the survey – thanks for the overwhelming response! Based on the feedback I received, I will be running a workshop in July, “Fun digital presentation tools for the classroom (Vuvox, OneTrueMedia, Jing, and more)”. Details and sign up form will be provided on June 26.]

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  1. Always looking for great interactive projects for post secondary and computer challenged adult learners.


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