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Kids Teaching Kids – Is This The Next Ed Tech Breakthrough?


Can we harness the Internet and education technology to let kids teach other?

I was excited by this article, “Educational Technology Breakthrough: Let Kids Teach Each Other“, when I read it. “Kids would much rather watch other kids than adults. When kids produce award-winning videos that can be used in the classroom for free, the game will change, the effectiveness of education will improve and costs will decline.” There seems to be a wonderful aura of potential in this train of thought.

Kids Teaching Kids picIf you visit the Kids Teaching Kids website, you can read about the site's vision. “The goal of KidsTeachingKids is to encourage student-produced video explanations of every problem in every textbook and make them freely and easily accessible to any student, anywhere in the world, with a web connection or cell phone.” Click here to learn more about “Why We Need It”, or here to read about “What a Solution Looks Like”.

I think it would be pretty awesome if the lofty goals of this site could become a reality. I encourage teachers and educational administrators to stop by the site and/or read the article, and share this idea with others. Maybe, just maybe, this is an idea that can catch on and really evolve into a nice step forward for education.

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.” (John Lennon, Imagine, 1971).



  1. Well, kids love to play together and have always learned from each other. In fact, learning has always been based on storytelling.

    Add the magic of video, smartphones, and the ability to add music and you get a cauldron of creative opportunity. Think in terms of America’s Got Talent, American Idol, YouTube, and Americas Funniest Home Videos.

    Kids have their own sense of humor and can bring entertainment to mundane topics. And then there are the awards they can get for the best productions.

    What is not to work?

  2. Are there any testimonials stating that this technique works?
    What grades benefit from this technique the most?


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