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Over 50 Great Free Productivity Resources for Educators, from across the Web


Over 50 Apps and Growing – New Resource Page Will Be Updated Frequently.

Last week I published a draft of this new page and sought feedback from readers. My objective has been the creation (and regular updating) of a listing of free Internet based resources that teachers can use to do some of the many things they need to do in their jobs, in a more efficient or effective manner (thus the label, “productivity resources”).

CLICK HERE (or the tab in top menu) TO ACCESS THIS NEW
“Free Productivity Resources For Educators” PAGE

My original intention was to stick with just resources intended specifically for educators. While I did not get as much reader input as I would have hoped for, the feedback I did get focused predominantly on worthy resources that are not education specific, so I've decided to go ahead and add a section of these types of apps to the new page.

I will add to this listing regularly. I come across a lot of great free resources, and will make an effort to keep the listing rich with tools and applications that are clearly useful to educators, and to list just those that are higher quality tools (it would be easy to weigh the listing down with lots of so-so tools and I'm going to try to avoid that).

Here's this week's video blog post, announcing the new resource page:

As always, I welcome and encourage user feedback. If anyone has any resources they think should be included, please comment and let us know about them. Thanks!

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