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Eyejot – a free and easy video mail application


Can you use a simple tool for capturing a quick webcam video and e-mailing it to a colleague?

One of the tools we learned about in the “Implementing Instructional Technology Innovations” online course that I am currently taking is a web-based application called Eyejot. Eyejot is a video e-mail application.

If you want to communicate with someone and not have to type up a message, or simply want to communicate in a more personal way than traditional email or voice mail, you can create and send them a video message. If you want to show someone something that you can show them on the webcam, you can do it with Eyejot. Of course, anyone who wants to send or receive Eyejot video messages has to have a webcam, and has to sign up for the service.

Note that the free version only lets you capture a 1 minute video (if your message is a little longer, just record and send another clip or two). There are two paid versions available, with the first step up costing under $30/year and providing for 5 minute video clips.

Another way I can envision using Eyejot is as a way to ‘Skype' when time differences won't allow you to connect with someone in real time – just exchange video messages instead.

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