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Vuvox Rocks (what a great tool for creating student reports and teacher presentations)


This free, easy app for creating scrolling timeline-style content is a fun way for students or teachers to create presentations.


With Vuvox you can easily create scrolling presentations that include pictures, text, video, and music. I'd come across it some time ago, and thought it would be a lot of fun for students or teachers to use to create reports or presentation materials.

I decided I'd take it for a spin by using it to create a video for a song I recorded with some help from my family (a version of the old folk/country classic, “The Streets of Laredo”). I was able to do so, with one limitation I had to overcome. Overall I enjoyed the process, and think Vuvox is a wonderful tool. The final product is presented below.

NOTE: The issue I had was overcome by capturing the playback with Camtasia and editing it to create a final product that consistently synched the music and the visuals. This was necessary because I was trying to accomplish something that was really beyond the intended capabilities of Vuvox. The tool is excellent for creating scrolling visual presentations and generally works well with background music, it's just not intended to be used for tightly synchronized playback of music and video at the same time.

I'm a big fan of Vuvox, and I think it is a great example of the way Web 2.0 tools can be engaging and fun and can enable students to have a blast while learning and creating. To create presentations, you simply upload files and drag and drop them in to the presentation area. Images are easy to move around, resize, rotate, etc. Text is added or edited using a simple tool.

Click here to explore various Vuvox presentations that are currently being featured on the site. I encourage you to stop by and check Vuvox out today!

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