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Education Technology Tweet Wrap for the week of 10-10-10


This week’s collection of Education Technology article and resource Tweets.

(Originally posted on Twitter by @EmergingEdTech over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers).  


  • Gates Foundation announces $20 million in educational technology grants: http://bit.ly/dsJjx9
  • Nice piece on the fundamental dilemmas presented by mobile tech and the ‘Net in the classroom: http://bit.ly/bpV9cJ
    (Remember, even if we can control hard wired Internet access in the classroom, we can't really control wireless access!)
  • Popular EmergingEdTech post is subject of Vancouver Observer news article: http://bit.ly/aUCFLf
  • Wired Campus asks, “As Textbooks Go Digital, Will Professors Build Their Own Books?” http://bit.ly/ca5OzL
  • ProfHacker suggests “blog audits”, to enhance learning value of student blogging : http://bit.ly/dA5h4v
  • VoiceThread has published documentation for integrating into Moodle 1.9: http://bit.ly/d4TuZS
  • Houghton Mifflin using Tech to combat National Literacy Gap for Boys in US: http://bit.ly/9EwgzT
  • Thanks for the tips about free picture editing tools, keep 'em coming! http://bit.ly/bx742t
  • Fun chemistry experiment video from ThisWeekinEdTech (via FreeTech4Teachers!): http://bit.ly/bem7sX

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