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This is pretty cool – 3D motion video created by capturing extruded light from an iPad.


I know that's a mouthful of a post title, and I know this isn't exactly education technology, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway (and it involves the iPad, which is a certainly a popular Ed Tech topic these days)!

In this video, “Making Future Magic: iPad light painting”, these brilliant people create images and display them on an iPad and capture the light as they move the iPad and change the images. And they record it. This results in these seemingly animated images being captured in real space like they're right there. It's really cool – check it out:

I'm not sure what the practical applications for this technology are, and maybe there don't really need to be any – heck, “magic” isn't about being practical anyway! That being said, it wouldn't be too surprising to find out that there are some great applications for this technology.

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