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A Deeper View – Changing the Special Education Playing Field


This web based applications provides easy to use data capture and progress monitoring for any observable behavior.

I recently had the good fortune of having a walk through this breakthrough application, and just had to share it here. Created by an enterprising parent of two children with autism, this tool that will dramatically improve the ability of educators and therapists to collect and use data in an way that can have a huge impact on understanding progress and making well informed decisions about steps forward.

A Deeper View allows for the definition of learning goals, at a level as detailed as the user wishes, and provides a precise ability to define and measure progress. You can even upload videos and associate specific measurements to the video, tagged to specific time events within the video.

Interested parents can get licensed very inexpensively ($25) and share the application and it's potential with stakeholders and organizations playing a role in their child's education.

If you work with or know anyone whose life involves children on the Autism spectrum or with other special needs, please stop by A Deeper View, have a look around, and share what you learn. You won't be disappointed.

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