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Summer Math Programs for Grades 3 to 10 from Tenmarks.com


These new summer programs bring an Online Education twist to “summer bridge” programs.

I recently learned about these relatively inexpensive online summer math programs, to help students refresh and practice their math skills over the summer. Definitely an interesting alternative to the summer bridge books my kids have used. Will some students be more engaged with the material if it is online and interactive? 


TenMarks summer programs look like a great way for students to stay on top of math during the summer and avoid the “summer slide”. Students practice one topic at a time with interactive worksheets. Video lessons are available for help when needed. 

The workshops cost $39.99 for the entire summer. You can choose from: 

Step-up programs – “Get ready for the next school year by reviewing and practicing math concepts from the last school year – and previewing the next years.” 

Foundation programs – “Refresh core concepts like Algebra, Geometry, Fractions, Math Operations and more – ideal for introductory and advanced learners.” 

Custom program – “Create your own personalized summer program based on an Assessment.” 

You know the drill here on EmergingEdTech – if you have any experience with this topic and want to share, we'd love to hear it. Educators – do you know anyone who has used similar “summer help” programs? Have they worked well? Parents – is this something you think is worth trying? Have any of your kids tried any similar approaches, and if so, do you think they were worth the price of admission? We'd love to hear from you. 


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  1. Thanks for the feedback “Not Impressed”, but I’m a little confused here. As per the article title, these materials are designed for Grades 3 through 10, yet you had a Kindergartner take them. It would seem to me that no matter how bright she is, she would be likely to struggle, as she did. What am I missing?

  2. This was recommended by my daughter’s school and she took the assessment today (her first day of summer vacation). She will be in 1st grade in the fall, but the questions on her assessment were very difficult, multi-level, graph reading, complicated word problems. Some of the questions even I didn’t understand. They used words that are not used in Kindergarten and sometimes didn’t use math symbols, using a “?” instead of an “=”. She has had 3 years of Montessori pre-school and just finished a year of full day Kindergarten and taking this “test” was torture, for both of us. This was very difficult and did not engage her at all! She didn’t even want to finish. We did and she was happy with her results, but did not want to continue with the actual ‘games’. We will try again on Monday and see what custom curriculum they have for her.

  3. I had recommended TenMarks as a summer review to my work friend after reviewing and blogging on it http://www.pragmaticmom.com/?p=9189) and she told me that they had great success with it. Her daughter is a 4th grader and thought the worksheets were games. She would do 5 at a time and ask for more! Her mom could not be happier! And at $20, it was really well priced.


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