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Doodle – a quick, easy, and free resource for creating polls



This week's mid week update is about a great, simple free tool I've used recently and found quite effective for taking quick polls. Doodle.com allows you to send a link out to users where they can easily and quickly click and make a selection from a range of choices you lay out. I just used it to have users self-select from a range of training dates. It took about 10 minutes to set up, and produced a self managed process that required very little administrative effort. If I did this the way I used to – by sending out an email and then having people email me back first and second choices, and then setting these up in a worksheet and responding to users to let them know which dates worked and which didn't and so on, it could have taken hours to administer, versus very little time with Doodle. Very productive! A great way to take quick polls in the classroom. If this sounds useful, give it a shot – for the right application, it is spot-on.


  1. I agree- love this tool! Gone are the days when you had to send an email to a distribution list and try to keep track of when everyone can meet- at a glance you can see and schedule. Doodle is a huge timesaver!


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