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This year’s major U.S. Education Technology Conferences


Will you be attending any of these?

… or have you been to any of these events in the past? Which ones are your favorites? Do any of them seem to provide more value than the others? Please drop a comment and provide your insights. 

EduComm 2010: June 7 - 9 at the mirage in Las Vegas, NV

ISTE 2010: June 27 – 30 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO 


Campus Technology 2010: July 19 – 22 at Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA

Educause 2010: October 12 – 15 in Anaheim,CA


Of course, there are many, (many!) regional and state Ed Tech events here in the US, as well as many International events, but my intent here was to focus on the big national events in the U.S. I didn't miss any did I?

Have any questions, comments, thoughts? Do any of those state or regional events out-do these national events in your experience? Please tell us what you think.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning these conferences, Rosemary. I focused in this post on national US conferences that were about education technology in a more general sense, as opposed to those that are specific to certain areas of education technology. These that you’ve listed look interesting, and are still national ed tech events, just with a more precise focus. By the “Immersive Learning Summit”, did you mean the Immersive Education Inititaive in Boston next week (I couldn’t find anything under Immersive Learning Summit)?

    I think I’d like to try and compile a listing of “national” US events like this each that I will make available as a reference on the site.

  2. I know the ISTE conference will be streamed into Second Life for those who can’t attend in person (but CAN attend via Avatar).

    I’m involved with the build for the SL event and it’s going to be simply amazing. 😉


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