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Last Chance to Submit your Great Use of Ed Tech story …


Share your education technology story (by Monday, March 15) and you may earn a feature post about it here!

Okay readers, it's almost last call for those great stories about Ed Tech in the classroom. 

Do you have or know of a great example of how Internet or instructional technologies were used in the classroom, or as part of the instructional process outside of the classroom? Did the use of this technology engage students and improve learning outcomes? Please click here to tell me your story and submit it for consideration.

I will review all submissions, with a focus on how effectively students were engaged and learning outcomes were improved, and select one of these stories for a much closer look. I will interview the person who shared that story, and feature their Great Use of Ed Tech! story here on EmergingEdTech.

It doesn't have to be some fancy, rocket-science application of technology, just some use of a tech app (video, blog, searches, RSS, audio, survey, wiki, twitter, the list goes on and on) that engaged and helped students learn.

I look forward to hearing your story.


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  2. Wow. That is a great story.
    It is sad that we as educators must depend on private contributions in order to bring technology to our classrooms.
    I believe this was a summer program. However, considering that it is a summer program, how did the school decide who was going to be a part of it(students)?
    I know that some teachers are as clueless as the students about technology, did the school make any attempts to educate the teachers?

  3. K-5 Summer Technology Camp changes lives for low SES, dual-language learners with little or no previous computer access.

    The challenge was working with an elementary near the US/Mexico border where students came from poor households with no computers. Yet the principal wanted his 430 students to learn how to use cutting edge technologies and asked me to design a 4 week technology camp.

    Eight year old PCs running Windows 2000 on a slow network was another challenge. That’s all the school had to offer. So I applied for Title 1 funds and secured a brand new computer lab boasting 13 iMacs.

    The summer lesson plans were beefy and demanding as you can see from my website I designed for the camp: http://gobears.uniques.com (click on the Tech Camp link top right).

    But the students rose to the challenge and produced webpages, podcasts, embedded animotos, made and edited movies, and created photo albums with slide shows. Each grade worked according to their themed Unit of study during their Summer School program.

    I am now looking for sponsorship of future tech camps for the underserved demographic. Any ideas to that end would be appreciated.

    Gracias! 🙂


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