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10 free screencasting tools to check out!


A growing list of free Internet based applications for screen capture and presentation creation.

In response to this week's post about Jing, my colleagues at Classroom 2.0 have informed me of a number of similar tools (“thank you!” to everyone who responded to my Discussion Post on this). Of course, it's easy to search this stuff out, but recommendations from informed and experienced users are always preferable. To that end, if anyone reading this post has any apps to add to this list, I'd love to hear about them, so please comment.

Below is a list of the applications that I'll be looking into over the upcoming weeks, as I seek a preferred tool or combination of tools for combining screen images and activity with narration and editing capabilities, to enable the creation of easy to share  tutorial presentations. If you include Jing in this list, that makes 10 screencasting tools that are available to everyone for free!

I don't know if each of these is going to meet my criteria, but I'll give them each a quick looking over. To achieve my goals, I'll probably need to combine functionality from a few different apps. For example, I'm not sure if Jing will allow me to combine screen image captures with screen activity video captures (screencasting), but I ought to be able to do that by using Windows Movie Maker Live to combine video clips.

In the meanwhile, thanks to everyone for their input, and feel free to comment with any other ideas, feedback, etc.

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