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Ed Tech Tweet Wrap for week of 12-14-09


This week's Tweet Wrap from EmergingEdTech. 10 nuggets of Education Technology informational goodness for your reading pleasure!

  • Adding Technology to Geometry Class Improves Opportunities to Learn (told ya so! 🙂 ): http://bit.ly/8ogOO2
  • Article provides example of use of Google Forms and Wikispaces in the classroom: http://bit.ly/6Mlw5W
  • Whitepaper from Steve Hargadon on role Educational Networking can play in future of Ed: http://bit.ly/4CYqvH
  • More online math tools and help, from “This Week in Ed Tech”: http://bit.ly/75y8Vy
  • Post includes feedback from students about what they've appreciated about use of Ed Tech in class: http://bit.ly/8tOPFq
  • Another great example of organizations teaming to help “close the digital divide” for students: http://bit.ly/7GuVse
  • U. of South FL provides laptops to athletes, expands taped lectures (since they often travel): http://bit.ly/5vHbIo
  • Faculte.com, for creating interactive online presentations: http://bit.ly/7aRPUC
  • Another college, U of Delaware, teaming with iTunes U to deliver educational materials: http://bit.ly/7QX9hP
  • (Somewhat rambling) Post suggests smart phones may be future of classroom interactivity: http://bit.ly/6OWefW


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