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New Web Site WatchKnow.org (1000’s of Free Educational Videos)


Site offers tens of thousands of “videos for kids to learn from.”

WatchKnow is a recently launched web site that hosts educational videos. These videos have been “deeply and usefully categorized according to subject, education level, and placed in the order in which topics are typically taught” (quote from WatchKnow's About page).

All the videos on WatchKnow are reviewed by a “Media Review Panel”, and the site is overseen by an Advisory Council consisting predominantly of educators. This non-profit site offers a unique Age Filter, which can be coupled with a Search box and Topical Categories and Subcategories to help users search the growing database of videos for useful content.



WatchKnow looks like a potentially powerful addition to the growing list of educational video web sites on the Internet (such as TeacherTube, SchoolTube, etc.), and they have attempted to provide a somewhat unique twist with their age level and categorization scheme.

Stop by and give WatchKnow a try today!



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