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6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom


[NOTE: I have published an update to this post, titled “100 Ways To Teach With Twitter“. This newer post contains the links below plus a new set of articles that provide a much more robust set of resources for ideas about teaching with Twitter. I highly advise clicking through to that article. Thanks! – KW Feb 8, 2010]

It has seemed to me that lately there's been an increased level of ‘chatter' on the Internet about using Twitter in the classroom, as a part of the learning process, so I decided to take a closer look into it. After reviewing many articles and blogs, I realized that there has been a lot of coverage of a couple cases, but I also found mention of a few others as well, and went ahead and threw together this list of 6 specific different examples. This seemed like a useful mid-week post, since there appears to be a growing interest in using this hot Internet technology in the classroom environment.

  • I'll start by providing links to two articles (here is one, and here is the another), about teacher Monica Rankin using Twitter in instructional application at the University of Texas at Dallas. These are a few of many stories about Professor Rankin's efforts (this highly covered case is what really triggered my perception that there were a lot of articles about Twitter in the classroom in recent weeks).
  • Here is a video about Twitter (and other technologies) being used at Roosevelt HS in Minneapolis.
  • This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses instructor Cole Camplese's use of Twitter, streaming Tweets from students on screen during lectures, as part of the instructional process.
  • In this Vlog, Christine Morris explains how she experimented with the technology with her higher ed students, tapping into Tweetdeck to get the most out Twitter.
  • In this blog posting, David Silver explains how Twitter replaced three other technologies he was using in the classroom.
  • Last, but certainly not least, here is one of countless articles about Professor David Parry's work with Twitter, from early 2008. This is the first Twitter in the classroom story that I came across and it has been discussed and posted about many times on the Internet.

More ideas for using Twitter in the classroom
For those thirsting for more ideas about this tipic, here's a few more related posts:

If anyone knows of any other web postings about other teachers actually using Twitter in the classroom, please comment and let us know.

I'll be wrapping up my series on using Virtual Worlds in the Classroom with a look at a handful of useful resources in Second Life this weekend. See you then!

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