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FlipCon14 – Session PreWork

Beyond Screencasting:
Alternative (Free) Tools for Creating &
Customizing Flipped Learning Content

Wednesday, June 25 at 1 PM  

Pre-Session Work

In this session, we’ll be examining fun free alternative approaches to creating or mashing up digital learning materials to create flipped teaching and learning content. We will focus on tools that offer relevant functionality for instructional use because they enable the use of your own media or existing web based media in a variety of ways, and offer useful features for flipped lessons, such as discussion areas, privacy options, the ability to provide links to related content for further exploration, and so on.

The Pre-Session Work for this Session is as follows – please give one of these applications a try, and be ready to chat about it a little, or prepare a 30 to 60 second overview of an alternative tool that you like to use to create your flipped learning content.

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone at FlipCon14!

Blendspace: Create Rich Digital Learning Content in Minutes With Blendspace

Movenote: Movenote – Another Easy Free Tool for Creating Digital Learning Content

LessonPaths: Getting to Know MentorMob (now called LessonPaths) for Teaching and Learning

Metta: Create Digital Learning Content By Easily Combining Parts of One or More Videos with Images, Text, and Audio Using Metta

Ed.Ted.com: An Outstanding Free Tool for Flipping Videos – ed.ted.com





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