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Create Compelling Reads with the Kabookey Multimedia E-book Ecosystem


Kabookey™ delivers what an interactive e-book should be.

E-learning has come a long way. Rapid e-learning tools have evolved over the years, and with them, the opportunity to create interactivity, video, branched scenarios and more. We’ve seen technologies shift from Flash to HTML5, and we’ve seen new tools emerge and old “friends” reconfigured and renewed to support the delivery of effective learning to mobile devices.

We’ve also seen a plethora of tools that create rich interactivity and games – some of which can be effectively embedded into online learning programs. Our toolbox has grown and reshaped itself to align with modern technologies and the increasing expectations, for zing, of learners.

What seemingly has struggled to keep pace is the digital book, or e-book. Sure, we’ve seen Amazon Kindle and Kobo and many similar apps come available over the years, but most of them still rely on a standard, created years ago, that suggests they intend to replace traditional paper books. So the paradigm has remained “behind” – we’ll buy our Kindle novels, but “those” e-books just don’t seem all that effective for instructional media. Wonderful one-off interactive books, while hinting at the possibilities of leveraging modern web media and available at various app stores, tend to be costly and even a bit clunky, in part because they were hand-coded in HTML5 or a proprietary format.

No more! Kabookey™ – a multimedia e-book ecosystem – leverages the modern state of web technologies to deliver compelling, interactive, incremental e-books. Kabookey™ delivers what an interactive e-book should be. The ecosystem includes:

  • the Kabookey™ iPad and Android apps, which delivers remarkable, interactive, eye-popping, finger-tingling e-books;
  • the online KabookeyBuilder™, a book composing tool derived from a web content management system (OASIS CMS™) that you may either license for use yourself (i.e., if you are a frequent book publisher) or that will be used by a composing team when you commission a book from a licensed composer;
  • the Kabookey™ web viewer, a technology that can be implemented on most websites that allows you to display Kabookey™ e-book content on the web if that’s where you need it to be seen; and
  • the Kabookey™ Learning Journal, an available toolset that allows your learners to make notes, submit assignments, and more. Entries made in the Learning Journal in iPad or Android apps are automatically synchronized with entries made in a web portal using the Kabookey™ ecosystem tools.

Kabookey™ Screen Shot 

With Kabookey™, you can deliver rich content (in HTML-5 format) to mobile devices and on the web simply and easily. You can embed rich media content from a variety of sources – like your current rapid e-authoring platform – easily and with a few clicks. You can embed fancy interactive graphs from modern tools like Visme. You can embed videos. You can include interactive maps, forms, and more created in HTML5-generating tools you already own. And you can leverage included interactive types within the KabookeyBuilder™ itself – mixing and matching some to get really impressive layered interactive effects.

Your legacy investment in creating Microsoft Office PowerPoint® slide sets won’t go to waste with Kabookey™. KabookeyBuilder™ includes a PowerPoint® “deep extraction” toolset that allows you to import legacy PowerPoint® content, including text, images, tables, and more, but in the process, moves them into a predictable, style-compliant online editing environment after import. It is the fastest, easiest way to create pages in a Kabookey™ e-book!

For KabookeyBuilder™, there’s an integration with Google’s Text to Voice speech synthesis engine to get the most natural sounding synthesized audio narration available on the market today, all with just a few clicks.

And demonstrating true innovation, the web-based KabookeyBuilder™ editing environment tightly controls book permissions, and distributes books that were easily updated online to permissioned users simply and easily – ensuring that users have the most current editions of books, and only the books they should have!

Kabookey™ Book Composing Environment

Kabookey™ Use Cases

Consider the following possible use cases for Kabookey™:

  • Digital Selling Brochures – Kabookey™ has been used by professional salespeople delivering key messages through interactive digital salesware.
  • Corporate Job Aids – Kabookey™ goes beyond learningware by becoming an enduring encyclopedia of job aids, available in the moment and including search tools to make finding topics simple and easy.
  • Art Exhibitions – Kabookey™ can deliver e-books containing photos, images, and art crafted for exhibition and pleasure. Embed, with your visual art, explanations, concepts, and even videos, and you’ve got a curated digital art gallery experience!
  • Incremental Textbooks – Professors and teachers can build “evolving textbooks” – either by importing from PowerPoint slides or composing directly in the WYSIWYG-editor laden KabookeyBuilder. Imagine the power of releasing new chapters to learners after every class or lecture – and being able to tailor the content to address the questions and concerns heard in class!

Discover what e-books are meant to be! Discover the power of immediate incremental e-publishing. Discover Kabookey™!

Kabookey™, KabookeyBuilder™ and the Kabookey™ logo, are trademarks of Guiding Star Communications and Consulting Inc. OASIS™ CMS is a trademark of Sandbox Software Solutions Inc. Microsoft Office PowerPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.




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