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4 Free Sets of Flipped & Blended Learning Tutorials from Matthew T. Moore and the FLN


First, let me make it clear that I work for the Flipped Learning Network (as Community Administrator), so yes, I am a unabashedly biased fan and advocate of their work.

One of the many inspiring educators on the FLN Board is Matthew T. Moore. Matthew has been very busy these last few years, being a key player in putting together the ILFABN (Illinois Flipped and Blended Learning) conferences, writing his book, DIBs: Using Digital Instruction Blocks, and creating lots of excellent PD resources for teachers that he has published on the FLN website and elsewhere. Matt has also recorded quite a few of the AsktheFLN Podcasts and recently, he launched the Teacher's Lounge podcast. Wow is this guy busy!

Matthew is a mathematics teacher with over seventeen years of experience at the high school level and has also served as an adjunct instructor at the local community college for the since 2004. He can be followed at @matthew_t_moore and maintains a web site at matthewtmoore.wordpress.com.

Check out these wonderful resources that Matt has published. I believe there is something for everyone here, whether you are experience with blended learning or not. Most of these entries are “chunked” – kept short and focused, to make consuming them easier (a common technique with flipped learning as well).

The F-L-I-P Training Series

Rather than list each of the posts in this particular series, I am going to let this excellent, interactive PDF that Matt created do this for me. CLICK THE IMAGE to open this nice interactive PDF, which will allow you to access any of the training videos by clicking on the applicable element you want check out!

The Digital Instruction Blocks series

The Flipped Learning Myths Series

The new Flipping from Scratch Series

I talked to Matthew the other day and I know he has a new series of tutorials planned building off of the Flipping From Scratch series, so if you're interested, this is a good time to pop over to the FLN site and subscribe to posts, so those and all the other great content your colleagues share will arrive in your In Box automatically!

Thank you so much to Matthew for his hard work, dedication, and desire to help his fellow educators learn and explore! It is educators like Matt that keep me motivated and eager to share resources like these.



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