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Classtime – Immediate Assessment and Feedback on Students’ Understanding


In this video interview, Classtime CEO Valentin Ruest shows us this powerful review and assessment platform. Classtime is a great platform for assessing student understanding on the fly, or for creating more formal assessments. Since their launch in 2016, Classtime has grown to around 6,000 teachers using their tool (note: Classtime recently rebranded from “GoPollock”).

There are lots of options in Classtime to make configuring assessments easy and flexible. The platform is mobile responsive, so students can access it from any device. Being web based, there is nothing for teachers or students to install. Their library of over 20,000 questions includes many standards-based question sets. Additionally, Classtime is available in 8 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Portugese, Turkish, and others.

Much of what Classtime offers is available in their free offering, and teachers and schools can choose to opt into the Premium functionality available for as little as $5/month (in US dollars) if they wish (more on free vs. premium below).

Check out the video to learn all about Classtime and see a demonstration:

Premium vs. Free

With the free version of Classtime, teachers get unlimited access to all of 20,000+ questions in the question bank. There is a limit to the size of the classes in the free version (40 students).

With the Premium Edition you get auto-grading, student performance reports (in Excel), premium support, and the Collaborative Challenges (learn more about free vs. premium here).

The video below shows students enjoying the Collaborative Challenges available in the Premium Version of Classtime.

If you are looking for a better assessment and engagement platform, stop by the Classtime site and learn more today.




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