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Creating and Improving Lesson Plans With the Help of Free Online Tools


Teaching is a very challenging job and it is helpful teachers to be updated with the new ideas and resources. Teachers want to improve their teaching skills from time to time, but they are stuck with many things to do, like preparing grades, assessing students, and preparing lesson plans. No wonder some say this job is not a profession but a lifestyle.

Fresh, updated lesson plans can help make the work more fun and productive and there are plenty of online tools that you can use to create and improve your lesson plans. And some of them are free to use, so why not make the most of them?

Free Online Tools to Help With Lesson Planning

Let us explore some free tools that will help teachers in developing, delivering, and updating their lesson plans.

Google Drive

A powerful and widely used platform creating and executing lesson plans is Google Drive (often as a part of the Google Classroom suite). You can often create a lesson plan and prepare many of the necessary elements for the entire lesson itself. There are also easy to use Google Docs templates which you can use to design beautiful lesson plans.

All you need is to have a Google account and you are good to go. Follow these simple steps to create a lesson plan using Google Drive:

  • To use any of the above templates, login your Gmail account and head over to Docs template gallery.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to the “Education” section and you will find the lesson plan templates.
  • Click on the one you like to open it in your Docs and customize.

Canva Lesson Plans

With Canva it is very easy to design a professional lesson plan for any course or curriculum. The Canva tool library has lots of lesson plan templates which you can leverage to bring visual aids to your lessons. Canva’s templates can help you present your entire lesson in the class with the sharp, attention-grabbing images.

In Canva, you can get access to an amazing collection of templates that tackle various subjects, courses and even age groups.

Here are 4 quick steps to create a perfect lesson plan using Canva.

  • Get started with signing up for a new account in Canva
  • Choose lesson plan templates and customize your own lesson plan design
  • Choose images from Canva stock library or upload your own images
  • Add your text, images, apply filters and finalize your lesson plan


Learnboost is another popular resource for teachers to easily create and organize their lesson plans. Learnboost allows teachers to create beautiful lesson plans, within defined standards, and they can also upload media files or images. Some simple steps to create a lesson plan using Learnboost can be find here. Learnboost also provides rich tools that go well beyond lesson plans.



  1. chalk.com is another one. It lets you link curriculum outcomes (for example those from the Ontario Ministry of Education) and track which outcomes your lessons have covered.


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