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Two Favorite Sources for Free to Use, No Attribution Required Images


What are Your Favorite Sources for High Quality, Free Images?

I often need to find a good quality image to use for a post here on the site, and have similar needs when working on course design. Educators often have use for high quality pictures and graphics. Retouchers use raw images for retouching and learning new Photoshop techniques. There are two favorite sources I want to share.

These two free image sources also happen to be “CC0” license (Creative Commons “No Rights Required” licensing), which means attribution isn't even required. (Click here to learn more about Creative Commons licensing if you are not already familiar).

Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/)

I've been using Pixabay for years. Tons of excellent free photos and graphics. I am so appreciative of this outstanding, easy to use content source. They have pictures, illustrations, vector graphics, and even videos.

Pikwizard (https://pikwizard.com/)

Pikwizard focuses on pictures (as opposed to graphic images, which you can find lots of in Pixabay). I've only just recently learned on Pikiwizard, but so far, so good!

Another advantage of “CCO” licensed images is that you can do whatever you want with them – edit them, use them commercially, etc., etc.

If you have the occasional need for free, no-attribution-required images and pictures, these two sources are likely to meet your need.

Of course, we'd love to hear from you if you know of similar sites. Don;t hesitate to drop a comment and share!



  1. Desygner, offer professional and high-quality royalty-free images to suit any project. Desygner.com is also a powerful design tool for content creation, where you can use these images on your designs or on thousands of pre-designed templates that you can get for free.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Around 2000, I purchased the \”Big Box of Art – 350,000 Images\”, and registered/licensed it. The owning company, Hemera, was purchased by \”Jupiterimages\” in 2004, which in turn was purchased by Getty Images sometime after.

    I am publishing a series of children\’s books, and many of the images I find in BBoA are perfect for my work. However, since Hemera and Jupiterimages are defunct companies, there on-line hep is not longer available. I contacted Getty Images and got back \”We do not sell that product and are unable to assist regarding usage or copyright information, sorry\”.

    The only information on copyrights in the CD program is in regard to the software only, not the images. The program (BBoA) is no longer sold except used (Amazon.com or maybe e-bay).

    What becomes of images found in clip-art programs like this one? It seems to be \”orphaned\”… Use in books and other publications falls under \”commercial use\”. Getty, should have acquired all the rights but apparently isn\’t aware of the program. I sent again asking more questions from the legal aspect and hope to hear later this week. But what is your opinion? do you have experience with this?

    Meanwhile, I research images from the sites you mentioned above — there is hope for publication yet!

    Regards and good health,


  3. And I’m usually just google the images, then (under the search phrase line) click on Tools and choose image rights – labeled for reuse.

  4. Great sources! I love your page with images to share online. and one of my best favorite is pixabay because here i got high definition pictures, and high image resolution


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