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A new Twist on “Electronic” Text Books: the Augmented Reality Textbook



A Very Different Approach to Electronic Textbooks: the AR Enhanced Educational Book

Livit Studios is launching a series of augmented reality books, a fully featured app with books designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the power of AR. The app is full of features including visualization, animated 3D models, animated characters, audio experiences and interactive 3D games.

Gamification is a big part of this application as well, and Livit Studios has spent a significant amount of time making sure that they got it right. The scientific content was designed and revised by credible educators.

The application will be available on both IOS and Android.

Co-founder Hisham Hosni explains, “We truly believe this is the future of education, and want to share it with parents, educators and technology enthusiasts.”

Check out this introductory video:

Learn more about this effort on their Kickstarter Page.


  1. AR apps allows you to \”revive\” the printed pages we are used to. This is not only entertaining, but also allows information to enrich the contents of the book. I think that augmented reality in publishing ( https://bit.ly/2z0mSqM ) is the future.

  2. Augmented reality expands the scope of publishing in general, allowing the reader to provide more information than the printed surface. The publishing house can link to the text of the article links to groups in social networks and the YouTube channel, and the company external to the magazine, buying only one page of the A6 format for advertising its products, give the target audience a full-fledged promotional video.
    These are just a few examples of the many opportunities associated with AR, open to publishers of the 21st century, with imagination and foresight to take advantage of them. The next generation of digital devices will undoubtedly see that AR is becoming an increasingly part of everyday life. Despite some technological and cultural problems that still need to be overcome, it is obvious that the future of augmented reality is bright for publishers.More about AR for publishers read here – https://invisible.toys/augmented-reality-for-publishers/


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