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Introducing the “Flipped Educator Spotlight” from FlippedLearning.org


The Original, Non-Profit Hub for the Flipped Learning Community Introduces a new Video Series Spotlighting the work of Flipped Educators.

As I announced here, over this last summer I assumed the role of Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network. This is an exciting new phase in what has been a pretty awesme personal journey.

I first learning about the idea of the “flipped classroom” back around 2011 and quickly realized that this was one of the most meaningful ideas I'd come across for using technology in the instructional setting. Over the intervening years I've written many articles about flipped teaching and learning, written and self-published the “Flipped Classroom Workshop in a Book”, and developed and delivered workshops online and in person to hundreds of educators.

Working with enthusiastic educators who are eager to do the best they can for their students has undoubtedly been one of the most enjoyable and motivating things I've ever done as a professional. On top of that, to have this opportunity to play a meaningful role in the flipped learning organization founded by pioneers of the movement and now led by a brilliant group of passionate educators, is absolutely a privilege and a delight.

The “FLN” has been through some changes in the last few years, and we're now working on lots of exciting new endeavors to fulfill our mission of providing educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement flipped learning. One of those efforts is a new series of interviews with educators that we have labelled the “Flipped Educator Spotlight”.

Our first spotlight features teacher Matthew Moore. Matthew is a mathematics teacher with seventeen years of experience at the high school level and has also served as an adjunct instructor at the local community college for the since 2004. He has been flipping his classroom for the past three years from the most basic math classes to the most advanced at the high school and college level. In this interview we discuss challenges, opportunities, tools, techniques, the important of communication and community, and much more.

So without further “ado”, here are Matthew and I in the first episode of the Flipped Educator Spotlight series!

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I hope you will support the work of this not-for-profit endeavor that brings resources and inspiration to educators around the globe. Please stop by FlippedLearning.org, have a look around, and sign up to receive new posts via email (the little Sign Up form is ‘bubbling and popping' over on the right hand side of site). We've also got a Slack community set up and welcome everyone to come join in the conversation and resource sharing there. See you online!




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