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Early Registration for February 2017 Flipped Class Online Workshop is OPEN



New Low Price for this 4 Week, Interactive, Collaborative Online Flipped Teaching and Learning Workshop!

2017 will mark the 6th year that I've been offering this online flipped classroom professional development workshop. I've helped hundred of educators learn about ‘the flip' over the years, and had a ton of fun doing it. We've learned so much from each other, and I've continually evolved the training along the way.

This year, am lowering the price of the workshop, capping it at $199. I realize there are a lot of other options that teachers have (although I am not aware of many online month-long offerings working directly with an instructor). I also realize that financial times are tough (recovery? what recovery?!).

The February workshop will run from February 5th through March 5th (with a few weeks after allowed for anyone who needs it to complete).

We always get a good mix of participants, from various levels of education (always some high school and higher ed, and usually some middle/primary school and sometimes even lower grades), and from all across the world (we've had teachers from every continent!). As for the size of the workshops, I've had as few as 5 participants and as many as 42, but I find 15 to 25 works best.

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Allow me to share this sampling of testimonial feedback from previous workshops:

– “I liked the overall structure of the workshop. It allowed for each of us to interact with each other as well as with the materials being presented. I also liked the depth of information that was given to us. After only four weeks, I now know so many more sites and apps than I could have found on my own. I appreciated the opportunity to actually put our learning to work each week. From the first week, Kelly had us focusing on what course/class/content we planned to flip. With each subsequent week, we built on that foundation. I really appreciated the opportunity to be paired with a fellow classmate to share a lesson plan and give and receive feedback. I also appreciated the online chats that Kelly scheduled so that we could interact “f2f” so to speak. In the online environment, this can get lost but it was a great experience……there is so much more….I just really loved the workshop overall!!”

– “I just wanted to say thank you for this class. I learned more about the how and whys of flipping the classroom and I was able to reflect on what I already know and put in a written format. I liked reading the posts of other class members as well. They gave some great ideas and it was nice to have some of my questions/concerns brought up by others. This class is also ‘rubbing off’ on a couple of my colleagues as well. They are not creating their own content, but they are leveraging already created content and their current website to offer students more resources! This has occurred since my conversations about this class started!”

– “The book was phenomenal! At this point I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have already recommended it to others and plan to continue. Thank you for a job well done!”

– “My head is spinning with all of the great ideas that I gained from this workshop — and especially from our discussions. I am going to try to get on the agenda for an upcoming all-school meeting to share some of the ideas from this workshop. I am even leaning toward flipping my “new prep” classes if I can feel comfortable with staying ahead of the students in content creation. Our classes are structured to be two hours of lecture and two hours of lab per week. That translates into an hour of lecture followed by an hour of lab two days a week. By flipping my classes, I feel that the students who now struggle with homework will excel due to the reality that the homework they are assigned is laying the groundwork for what they do in class. Now, I’m just looking for a sure way to get and keep them motivated to access the flipped content for their homework. But, I think that problem might just take care of itself — we’ll see!”

There are more testimonials here.

“Please join me as together with other inspired educators we engage in a fun, collaborative workshop, and develop or update our flipped teaching and learning plan!” – Kelly Walsh


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