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Last year I had the good fortune to take a vacation in Ireland and Italy with my family (that's a picture of the Forum in Rome above … it was seriously mind blowing to look out over the of stunning view of history from the vantage point that I took this picture from). It was an incredible experience, and one I am so grateful for. We came back with lots of great pictures, a few souvenirs, and a lifetime of moving memories.

One of my favorite spots in Ireland was the sprawling, boisterous Temple Bar area in Dublin, which spreads out for many blocks around the original Temple Bar. While there, we spent some quality time at the original namesake Temple Bar (really? a famous bar in Ireland strikes the heart of an amer-irishman, who'd-a-thunk?). Last Christmas, my wife had a cool metal print made of this picture I took there (how many times can you find “Temple Bar” in the signage surrounding this world famous drink-eatery? look close now!):


Go There (and Many Other Places) Any Time with EarthCam

So, I told you that so I could tell you this …

Several months after this trip whilst wandering the Interwebs, I stumbled upon EarthCam.com, where I couldn't help but notice that the Temple Bar in Ireland can be viewed via live web cam and any time of day or night (do these people have any idea they are being watched)? Seriously though, I haven't seen anything unwholesome, but it has bought memories to life, and a smile to my face.

More importantly though, I discovered that Earthcam.com has tons of cameras all over this amazing planet of ours that are live and online just about all the time (not every camera is always running, but most are). Pretty incredible, and yeah, maybe a tad creepy, but younger generations seem to be pretty cool with that (which is a topic for another discussion!).

As I wrote this, I watched people riding elephants in the water in Indonesia on “Elephant Cam” and saw this spectacular shark swim by on the Ocean Voyager Cam.



Take me Away, Earthcam

With Earthcam you can overlook cities and fabled locations across the world (here's Times Square in New York City, Doha, Qatar, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, explore historical perspectives (this camera overlooks the 9/11 memorial in New York City), or just enjoy the amazing views on tropical islands (here's Maui, Hawaii).

Some of the links on the site will also take you to other sites that host their own webcams, like this “Ocean Voyager Webcam” hosted by the Georgia Aquarium here in the U.S.

The biggest downside with some of these channels is the fact that you have to watch a brief ad before getting access to them. And of course, sometimes the channels show very little (like, the Falcon Cam in Omaha, Nebraska may not always have Falcons in it).

So you can probably tell, the Animal & Zoos cams are probably my favorite. Which cameras did you find to be the most fun?




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