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Schools Embrace Gesture Based Learning with Interactive Play Platform from MotionMagixâ„¢



Talk About “Active Learning”! When Will Interactive Wall & Floor Systems Become More Common in our Schools?

Ed Note: I welcomed this post from Anup Tapadia … I think these types of interactive systems have so much potential in education, but I see very little about these in the education or technology press and social media. There is a growing body of evidence and literature supporting the relationship between motion and learning. I wonder when more schools are going to start to tap into this more effectively and make it a “best practice”? – K. Walsh

Give kids a choice between playing and studying, and who wouldn’t prefer playing?

There is a noticeable change in the methods of teaching these days, with the goal of keeping children engaged while they are being taught. Schools evolve teaching methods to stay contemporary and tap into students’ desire for interaction. When it is possible to combine ‘play’ with learning, everybody wins!

Few kid would say no to a fun, immersive, highly engaging interactive floor game that meets the purpose of teaching math in a not-so boring manner, after all. While the child is playing, he or she is also learning in a fun way.

Check out this fun video showing how students and teachers are loving the MotionMagix interactive floor and wall system!

Children like to be in a free, unbound, untied environment, which has no restrictions. They are more productive in large spaces that do not curb their movements. In conventional classrooms, a child’s movement in the activity of studying is restricted to sitting on a bench, looking at the board; it is increasingly understood that movement stimulates learning!

Many schools have acquired various interactive play platforms like interactive walls and interactive floors. These interactive floor and wall activities have been very efficient in teaching kindergarten and pre-school children especially.

The local and international schools that have installed MotionMagix™ have found it to be a revolutionary next-generation interactive play platform with endless possibilities!

Teachers and Parents Share Their Love for MotionMagix

“MotionMagix Interactive System installed at our school has not only improved the mortar and cognitive skills, but has helped kids and their parents realize their true potential while keeping it fun!”
– Mrs. Sneha (Principal – JumpStart, India)

“This interactive play platform has unlocked my child’s true potential; now he is super thirsty for knowledge and is riddled with curiosity about everything”
– Siddharth K ( Parent )

MotionMagix™  has proved to be a healthy way of blending mental and physical activity. It improves collaboration, participation and cognitive skills in children.

Educators look for kids to be happy and delighted while they learn, and an interactive experience only accelerates the process. With options of many fun and educational multiplayer games with varied difficulty levels, the system can improve collaboration, participation and cognitive skills in kids. Click here to learn more about MotionMagix™  systems!


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