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Early Registration for Fall 4 Week Online Flipped Classroom Workshop is Open!



Come Join This Popular Online Offering and Build (or Improve on) a Custom Plan to Flip Your Classroom!

EmergingEdTech Founder Kelly Walsh has been delivering this unique, affordable online training since 2012. Teachers from across the globe have taken this convenient professional development workshop … educators from elementary grades all the way up to graduate school and beyond. We've had teachers and trainers who teach a vast array of subjects, as well as librarians, media specialists, technologists, professional trainers … you name it!

This summer's workshop was fantastic, and it was a wonderful global experience. In addition to a couple dozen teachers from America, we had teachers from the U.K., Argentina, Spain and three teachers from Siberia, Russia! The give and take among participants is one of the many benefits of this format.

Workshop Fee: $199 Early Reg (Aug 13 – Sep 13)!
$249 Regularly (After Sep 13)

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Check out this feedback from other participants in this year's workshops:

What Did You Like Best About The 4 Week Flipped Classr0om Online Workshop?

– “I loved how the material was presented and the amount of time was perfect.”

– “To create actual lessons and lesson plans for a flipped class using the content from my courses”

– “How well it was organised, we learned by doing, it was a flipped classroom course about the flipped classroom, and it was coherent.”

– “I like the experience of taking an online course about this topic, because I have to read, watch some videos, search for information, prepare material and these … are some of the things my students will be doing in [the] flipped classroom.”

– “Everything!!!! I guess it would be watching some of the videos and seeing how this process actually works. I liked it because as I viewed the videos I was thinking about how I could use the technique in my class and was thinking about lessons that I could make that would mimic the style. I also liked working with another teacher. I didn't think I would but I got a great partner and we worked very well together. The other major thing that I REALLY liked was the feedback from the instructor. I wasn't expecting that at all because I normally don't get that much personalized attention. It wasn't just an email saying good job, there were real comments and suggestions. Sometimes more reading or a video to show me something, it was the best. I'm actually keeping all of the comments so I can use them as my study guide while I prepare for future flipped lessons.”

– “You assigned reasonable and helpful assignments. Proper preparatory materials were given.”

– “The online web tools to post information and video on the Internet.”

– “That it forced me to make lessons and get ahead for my winter class!”

– “Everything!! It was a great learning experience having the readings, videos and exercise.”

– “The resources that I now have to solve many of the road blocks I was having.”

– “Networking with the other participants”

– “The wealth of information provided about flipping classes – articles, websites, technology, and the online book. The opportunity to post comments etc., which I had not done previously. The right pace and amount of work assigned for a summer learning experience.”

– “The feedback from Kelly and from classmates; this helped me to focus on my techniques for “flipping” and for experimenting with new techniques and tools.”



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