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Wireless Charging: No Cables. No Matts. Truly Wireless.


This Technology Will be a Boon to Mobile Device Users in All Walks of Life (Education Included)!

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a presentation by the very entertaining (and informative) David Pogue, our opening speaker at the NYSCIO 2015 conference in the gorgeous finger lakes region of New York.What a blast!

If you're a techie, your pretty much guaranteed to find a David Pogue presentation informative and fun. He is very good at what he does.

There were many cool applications and gadgets David shared in his inimitable way, but one that really stood out to me was the wireless charging technology from Energous. The WattUp is truly wireless charging technology that is on its way to market. Devices within a 15 foot radius equipped with a wireless receiver (Energous is negotiating with many vendors to add these to their devices) can charge wirelessly from the small transmitter stations they sell.

Here is David's video of a dialogue he had with Energous CEO Steve Rizzone about WattUp.


One of the key questions David explores is the issue of how this wireless technology affects human tissue. Will it “fry our insides”? The answer is NO. It uses Radio Frequencies, which basically just bounce off of human skin (a disappointment to pacemaker manufacturers and users, since it can't be used to charge these, and if you thought you wanted wireless charging, just imagine how helpful it would be in that situation!).

Energous hopes to have this technology entering the market place by late 2016. This really looks like a technology that is going to provide tremendous convenience. Not only is losing power on your device when you really need it a pain in the neck, who isn't tired of all of those darned wires and adapters we have to carry, or go and search out when we don't have one at hand?

In the meanwhile, entertain and inform yourself by checking out more of David Pogue's work via his web site. (BTW, this site just would not come up for me using FireFox on my Windows 8.1 machine, not sure why, but figured I'd mentioned it).




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