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App Ed Review May Roundup – Instructional “Helper” Tools


Looking for Rubric-Reviewed Apps to Help you be More Productive in the Classroom?

This month we are examining a teacher’s best friend, instructional tool apps! The apps outlined below will help you with instruction while contributing to your productivity, pacing, and more.

These instructional tools are just a few of our favorite teacher resource apps, and be sure to check our website for even more! And remember, each and every app reviewed by us is analyzed against a comprehensive rubric in a consistent, informative manner. In addition, each review includes 3-5 instructional ideas for how to integrate the app into your teaching!

App Ed Review Roundup

Teacher Timer

Teacher Timer is an easy-to-use app that we highly recommend for teachers who are concerned about pacing their lesson. Although we plan our lessons and estimate how long each part of the lesson is going to take, our pacing sometimes gets off kilter. A student may ask a question, further explanations may be required, or something else may go a dither.

With the Teacher Timer app, teachers will be able to set specific amount of time for each component of their lesson, which will allow them to budget how long they spend on the lesson’s different activities. Because teachers will be able to use this app multiple times during a lesson, this app earned high scores on the Productivity and Frequency dimensions of our rubric. Plus, with its screen design and media integration, teachers will have no problem using Teacher Timer in their classroom!

Random Name Selector

Remember that student who claims that he or she is called on too often? Well, if that is happening in your classroom, try the Random Name Selector Lite With it, teachers create groups of students and then use the app to call on students randomly, which will take the “muss-and-fuss” out of students who claim to be called on too frequently. Whether it is part of a class discussion, debate, review, or some other activity, this app will prove useful once it is incorporated into the classroom routine. With high scores for its aesthetics and ease of use, teachers will have no problem using it. For our full review, click here.


Do you ever wish students wouldn’t skip ahead during a presentation? Have you ever wished students had the presentation right in front of them? Nearpod is a synchronous screen-sharing presentation app offering all types of teacher-friendly abilities.

To begin, a teacher makes a Nearpod presentation using its tools or simply uploads a PowerPoint and Nearpod will convert the file into a Nearpod presentation. Interactive question-and-answer slides, web pages, videos, and more can be added to the Nearpod presentation. Once the presentation is saved to the teacher’s Nearpod library, the teacher can open it on the tablet and share the short presentation code with the class. Students then enter the presentation code to join the viewing it, and they can join from Nearpod.com or using the Nearpod app. As teachers advance the presentation slide on their tablet, the students’ screen advances synchronously.

At the end of the presentation, teachers can analyze student response data to questions by utilizing the Nearpod reporting tool. Nearpod scored a 7.6 on our comprehensive rubric, check out the possibilities here.

Splashtop Extended Wireless Display

Splashtop Extended Wireless Display 2 Free helps teachers overcome the physical limitations of space and computer screens by wirelessly extending the desktop or laptop display onto a tablet. With this app, teachers can control a document or presentation based on their computer from their tablet, which allows them to circulate the room while controlling their computer. This technology allows teachers to manage their class, facilitate class discussion, and move around the classroom while still controlling their desktop computer. Scoring a stout 7.9, Splashtop will help you with classroom instruction and productivity.

Well, that’s it for this month’s Roundup! If you would like more information about any of the apps mentioned here, or the hundreds of apps rated on the App Ed Review website, don't hesitate to contact us at info@appedreview.org. And remember, the value of instructional apps resides in their strategic use (not in how they “could” be used strategically).



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