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Doodle – Silly Name, Powerful Tool (for Finding Times to Meet, Work)


This Free, Easy Application Makes it Snap to Find Times and Dates When Everyone in a Group is Available

Have you ever found it frustrating trying to get a group together and not being able to find a date and time that works for everyone? Have you had to run around in circles chasing emails all over and trying to hunt people down to offer times they can meet? Well that stops now.

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Doodle is free and easy to use. It's a little work for the user who creates the poll – you have to create your free account, provide a brief description of the meeting, then indicate valid dates and times the users can choose from. Lastly, you will send the poll/invite to everyone you want to, so they can indicate which dates and times work for them.

For the users replying to a Doodle poll, its super easy – they just click on the link you send them, enter their names and click off the times that they can be available.

I don't know of an easier way to coordinate and schedule a disparate group of people.

Using Doodle to Help Coordinate Synchronous Sessions for Online Courses

I recently conducted a synchronous video chat guest session for an online course being offered at another institution. When we wanted to figure out what time slot might work best for the student in the course, we used Doodle.

Whether you're looking to get a group of students together, or a group of teachers, or maybe different members of a work group … whatever the use, when you need an easy way to find out who is available when, Doodle makes it a snap. Go ahead, get your Doodle on!





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