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3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Using TedEd for Flipped or Blended Learning Lessons


Learn how Easy it is to Turn a Video into an Online Lesson for any Class With TedEd's free tool.

Would you like to be able to build a quick lesson around an existing video?

How would you like to be able to create a simple quiz associated with it, and add text and links to additional content?

How about a discussion forum?

Perhaps best of all, how about being able to deliver it outside of YouTube, away from all that distracting peripheral content?

Well, you can, and it's free, and your lesson can be delivered online with an unlisted URL (that is, it won't be found by search engines so no one will just stumble across it – they have to know the URL).

I've been an advocate of the great free tool provided by TedEd (found online at the perhaps confusing URL, ed.ted.com) for years now. It was a no-brainer to create a 3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial for this fun, slick application. And here it is!


To check out other great free tools like this, click over to our new page featuring 7 (so far – more are coming!) 3 Minute Teaching With Technology Video Tutorials.

3 minute teaching with technology tutorials

Happy Learning!

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  1. Great post! Another good way to make videos interactive is to use Zaption. With Zaption, you can grab Ted videos (or YouTube, Vimeo etc) and embed interactive content at key moments in the video. It’s makes video much more engaging for students as they can’t wait to see what the next question is. Zaption also features a great analytics page with actionable data to track progress towards learning outcomes. Best part is it’s free! Upgraded versions are available that will connect to a learning management system. CHECK IT OUT!


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