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6 Higher Education Institutions Leading the way with Mobile Learning Apps


These Universities are leveraging the smart phones that are in most student's hands to provide mobile access to learning resources and administrative tools.

As the high-tech world evolves from dial-up access to lightning-fast smartphones, students benefit from a more mobile classroom. But as anyone with a smartphone or tablet already knows, no two apps are alike. Some universities offer fully functional online classrooms in their mobile apps, while others only offer a directory and map. A mobile-friendly classroom means more access for students who are used to already getting things done on the go with their handheld devices (If you’re someone who enjoys creating apps, you may want to learn how to become a mobile app developer).

Students see big incentives for mobile learning

Incoming students at Seton Hall University received free smartphones in 2012, according to U.S. News & World Report, while the Illinois Institute of Technology offered free iPads to all incoming freshman in 2010. Free devices are a great incentive, but it's what inside that counts. Take a look some schools who are striving to do it right in terms of their mobile learning offerings, and find out where you'll get the most classroom use out of your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile devices.

University of Phoenix

Students at the University of Phoenix study in over 200 institutions and online. With the school's mobile app, students can view their course materials, flag and mark posts even when they're offline, and participate in class discussions, gaining required participation points from anywhere.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Average Rating: 4+ (iPhone), 4.3 (Android)
  • User Review: “I love this app. Keeps me up to date with my schoolwork. Just wish I could post my assignments through this app also. If you make that happen will give five stars” – User Terrence Clark

Ashford University

The Clinton, Iowa College boasts a vibrant online learning community and promises that their mobile app will help students study smarter and read more efficiently. The school's Constellation app allows students to search texts by keyword, transfer seamlessly from laptop to mobile, and even check their knowledge with assessments in some texts.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Average Rating: 4+ (iPhone), 4.1 (Android)
  • User Review: “Literally of one the best apps on my tablet. Great job!” – User Christopher Banks

Everest University

With this suite of mobile apps, students can participate in class discussions, view grades and instructor comments, and see upcoming course events. Think of it as a calendar and classroom in one. The app also features mobile online support from Everest's technical support pros.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Average Rating: 4+ (iPhone), 3.8 (Android)
  • User Review: “It is great to be able to reply and check my grades on the go. It is so wonderful” – User Brittani Maggert

Florida International University

The school serves an international base, and Florida International University rises to the challenge with Blackboard Learn course content. Students can see availability in the library and the medical library, access video content and even stay connected to the FIU sports teams.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Average Rating: 4+ (iPhone), 4.2 (Android)
  • User Review: “As a freshman, having the ability to find where anything is by just taking out my phone is an incredible advantage. Thanks FIU!” – A Google User

Strayer University

With Strayer's mobile online app, students can view the academic calendar, join class discussions, and check out new assignments and grades. Videos are also available and viewable from the app, bringing in voices from alumni and faculty.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Average Rating: 4+ (iPhone), 3.9 (Android)
  • User Review: “The app is great but ICS was the only version of Android to support Adobe Flash which is required for our lectures. The App will work on Jellybean but it requires a bit of hacking since Android 4.2 does not support Adobe Flash.” – User Tim Lawless

Stanford University

In addition to the standard mobile apps offering shuttle times, an events catalog, and an online directory, Stanford boasts a mobile learning research department, giving students a chance to read case studies regarding mobile learning. The Stanford Mobile-Inquiry Learning Environment (SMILE) program was developed by Paul Kim and allows students to use their devices to create, collaborate, and evaluate questions about educational topics, essentially becoming a research lab in your pocket.

Explore mobile learning apps across platforms

The schools above offer just a few stars of the mobile learning universe. Customize your learning experience at any school with general apps, like Evernote and Khan Academy, which are built to back up any degree program. The wealth of education mobile apps are just part of the bigger picture. At high-tech colleges and universities, your smartphone or tablet can only add to your online or campus experience.



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