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Free eBook: 154 Brilliant iPhone (and iPad) Tips. Too Cool Not to Share.


This free eBook is full of tips and tricks you'll benefit from for years to come!

Did you know you can add your own keyboard shortcuts on the iPad or iPhone? How about some faster ways to reject suggested auto-corrections as you type, or write contractions, or a single-tap method to magnify and select text? This free eBook from Michele Ballard is jammed full of handy, cool techniques like these.

I recently downloaded this book from the iBooks Store and was so impressed by the first few tips alone that I knew I had to share it here. Most of these tips will work on the iPad too. Tips are organized into sections like “Keyboard and Writing Tips”, “Mail and Calendar”, and so on.

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Here's a few more tips to whet your appetite for this fabulous freebie:

  • Format text in e-mails: You can bold, underline, or italicize text in emails by highlighting a section of text and then clicking the right arrow in the menu that pops up, where you will then see a “B I U” option.
  • Mark an email as Unread: This can help you remember to go back to an email and follow up on it later. Click on Details and select the ‘Mark as Unread' option that appears below (on the iPad, click the ‘Mark' option, which will give the choice to Mark as Unread).
  • Focus on a point when recording: If you tap on a point on the screen while recording, the camera will make that the focal point while recording. Try it!

Get this wonderfully useful free iBook here: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/154-brilliant-iphone-tips/id540225948?mt=8.

Note that some of these techniques may only be available with more recent versions of iOS (like 5 and later), so if you are well out of date, some of these may not work on your device.

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  1. Thanks AUSOMED – that helps – the book must be sold differently in different markets (I had that option when I set up my iPads in Education eBook for sale). The US Version of this eBook is entirely free. The suggestion to click through to the developers web site and access the book in PDF form is great – thanks!

  2. By following links to the developers website I was able to download the tips as a PDF. Perhaps that would assist others.

  3. My download was from ‘outside of the US’. My objection remains. There is no indication before download that most of the content is locked. What I downloaded is clearly a ‘sample only’.

  4. I cannot replicate what Wendy or AUDOMED are experiencing. Every one of the 154 tips is explained right there in the free eBook. Every tip does have a link a web site where the tip was originally published, but this is just a web site – it’s free too. For the life of me, I can’t see how NOT to be able to read these tips or how to get prompted for $.99 to do anything. Maybe the eBook is licensed differently outside of the US or something, but I can’t figure out how these two users experienced this problem.

  5. I’m also being asked for 99 cents and so far I have seen nothing in the few ‘free’ tips that makes me want to spend even 99 cents. Maybe I’m fussy because I believed this was FREE.

  6. Not sure how you experienced that Wendy – I downloaded the ebook, it was free, and I’ve spent time reading it and referencing it and never encountered anywhere would I have to pay for anything else.


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