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Education Technology Tweet Wrap for the Week of 08-06-12


This week’s collection of Education Technology article and resource Tweets.

(Originally posted on Twitter by @EmergingEdTech over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers).

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [great Infographic] –

Free Webinars (upcoming & recorded) re: Connected Educator Month: http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8259/52381

Nation’s Top Educators Awarded at Microsoft Partners in Learning U.S. Forum:

Students Tell It Like It Is in “Learn Now, Lecture Later” Panel Discussion at CT2012:

5 Steps to Starting a Classroom Blog: http://scr.bi/OSiuhh

Infographic: The Gamification of Education –

Connected Educator Month: Game-Based Learning –

Elite colleges transform online higher education

For ‘Connected Educator Month,’ Tips From 33 Educators We Admire:

The Voice of the Active Learner (Video):

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  1. This is a welcomed addition to the discussion of edtech. There is still the pervasive idea that anything on a screen will increase learning. As I learned when working at http://yourhomeworkhelp.org/ I understood careful use of tech can result in increased learning, but it takes a competent professional to design lessons that fit the students and the goals of the classroom. Physics simulations can overcome misconceptions and the same simulation can have zero effect depending on how it is used. This is, of course, true of any educational tool or technique but I have found that this is often ignored when the topic is tech. Perhaps we will find in many years that the positive affordances of tech are more efficiency based, like document management, rather than \”transformational\” learning.


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