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iPad App Developer Seeks Teacher Input On New App (Plus, Win The App For Your School By Naming It!)


Please offer your observations and ideas for this fun productivity application for teachers, and take a shot at winning copies of the app for your school by suggesting a name for it.

Mobile Simplified is an application development company working on an iPad app for teachers. The application is intended to make it easy for teachers to interact with their calendars, to create and maintain weekly class schedules, and to manage a To Do list. Mobile Simplified is asking EmergingEdTech readers for their feedback and ideas, to help make this application easy to use and really helpful.

Below you will see screen shots of the application, with some explanation of the intended functionality of each screen. If you have any observations or ideas you wish to suggest as you look these over, please comment and share your ideas. Wouldn’t it be cool to know that your idea influenced the application’s final design!


[Note that this contest was a big success, but it closed a long time ago. – KW 11/12/12]

We are also running a contest to name the application. If you suggest a name for the application that is selected, you’ll win free copies of the application for your school! Just drop a comment to suggest a name for this application (please be sure to include a functional email address, as this is how we will contact you if your suggestion is the winner). Thanks, and good luck!

On this calendar screen, all you have to do is drag the appropriate event icon on to the applicable date, and it creates that event for you:

App Calendar Screen Image
Click on the pic to bring up a larger image

All the class blocks on this page are all customizable and you can drag and drop them around as the weekly schedule changes:

App Class Blocks screen image
Click on the pic to bring up a larger image

This is just a simple little To-Do note list organizer:

App Class Blocks screen image
Click on the pic to bring up a larger image

This screen allows you to customize the background or even create a custom school background with the colors of your choice for text and background:

App config screen shot
Click on the pic to bring up a larger image

Please comment and share any suggestions you have about how to make these screens and tools easy to utilize and productive (while still remaining straightforward and focused … trying to put too much functionality into an app often just results in clutter and complexity).

Another area where feedback is being sought is with the different types of events that are integrated into the application. Currently, there are 15 event types:  PTA Meeting, Field Trip, Open House, Back To School, Test, Quiz, IEP, Conference, Assembly, Faculty Meeting, Duty (Lunch, Recess), Holiday, Vacation, Evaluation, In Service Day. Do you have any suggestions for other Event Types that are important to include?

Thanks so much for taking the time to look this over contribute your ideas or observations. Also, don't forget to offer any great names for the app that you might think of – remember, you can win copies of the app for your school (Mobile Simplified will award 30 copies to the winning school) if your suggestion is selected!

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  1. Hello All,
    We would like to thank everyone for their great app name suggestions. The winning name is “TeachPad”. A couple of close seconds were “iTeach” and “Teachers’ Pet”. Please contact us with your email addresses and when the app becomes available, we will give a bunch of free promo codes to: Jesse Robinson as the winner and we will also give a free copy to the who ever suggested the runner up names.
    All of the functional suggestions are great and also it has become apparent that everyone has their own useful list of events that should be easily added to the calendar. So to accommodate that, the events list is now a completely editable list that can accept adds/deletes/changes and reordering to the list. The list is a scrollable list where you can drag from the list to the day on the calendar.
    In addition, it became apparent that there is a need to track details on a per student / per class basis. So there is now a new screen that has been added where you can have multiple classes and students listed per class. With the class you can take attendance and email it out each day. For the students there is a Student profile page that has important contact information for each student as well as an editable textView for Notes and an editable textView for Interventions. Then on a per class basis you can email out all of the Student Notes and/or all of the Student Interventions. This could be very handy for giving important information to an incoming substitute teacher. With this added functionality, it will take us a little longer to get this application complete.
    We are also looking to add a new screen for entering and storing Lesson Plans. This may be a future feature that we will release later. Other things we are considering are: iCloud data file syncing, Creating a corresponding Mac app that uses the data file from iCloud. That way you can make changes on either app and they are reflected in the other app.
    Any feedback is greatly welcome. Again, thank you for all the great responses. We would like to make this a “Useful” app for Teachers built by Teachers.

    Mobile Simplified.

  2. I like the basics of this app but I think it need to be made more user friendly for the upper grades. Maybe add spots for rotations, testing, appoitnments, and etc… I like TeacherManage for a name!

  3. Add concerts, rehearsals, Field day, Party(like for the staff party, a yearbook signing party, a class earned party), Transition, Reinforcement, Reward day, Free time

    One name suggestion- up2date

  4. I think this app would be great if you could print the schedule out for subs to use on the day your absent or out in the field.
    Including notes for teach would also be a great addition to this app.


  5. Another event category could be Project or Project Due. A good name for the app could be “Teachers’ Pet” or “Co-Teacher”.

  6. […] iPad App Developer Seeks Teacher Input On New App (Plus, Win The App For Your School By Naming It!)… Please offer your observations and ideas for this fun productivity application for teachers, and take a shot at winning copies of the app for your school by (#edtech iPad App Developer Seeks Teacher Input On New App (Plus, Win The App For Your School… Source: https://www.emergingedtech.com […]

  7. Frankly, I think the interface is a little too cartoonish. We don’t all teach preschool. I like the class schedule function but make sure it’s customizable. We have a rotating schedule, and our classes don’t start at 8:00AM, they start at 8:10AM. Features I would like to see: Class rosters with photos, Attendance, Notes, quick pushes to email lists. If you could manage integration with the most commong LMS’s (Moodle, Schoology, etc) that would be awesome. Integration with DropBox and Evernote would also be fantastic.

    I’d call it TeachPad

  8. Just keep the simple user interface and I think the app will go over well with teachers.

    Possible Names
    My Teacher Calender

  9. I would like to see to dos by class, a spot to link documents and websites to class lessons, list class and homework agendas for each class each day

    name: eduplanner, iplanner

  10. I suggest iManage as the name
    Other suggestions I have would be the ability to share the calendar or todo lists with other teachers in order to manage appointments, meetings, lists of undone grade level tasks.

    Other calendar items to list might include: Training, Project, Special Class (nurse, outside presentation), Due Dates (book order, money to be collected, etc), Data Collection (assessment deadlines, reading screenings, etc)

  11. I love the interface and the simple layout. I too would like to be able to link documents, .pdfs, pics, clipart, etc. to the dates/events. Allowing input of lesson plans for the week would be wonderful. My school uses Edline, it would be great to be able to sync this app with outside calendars, too.

    Name suggestions:

  12. Teacher All-in-One

    I also would like the ability to link to documents in Pages, etc and create live links to web resources.

  13. I would love to see an app that included an event that documents interventions- i always have a hard time keeping track on paper who needs what intervention after a formative assessment. it would be great to have an app that allows me to make lists of which students need which intervention

  14. I like the weekly schedule screenshot. That would be very helpful.

    Two other features that I think are essential in a teacher app like this for the iPad are cloud syncing and lesson planning.

    If a teacher could click on a day, type their lesson plans, and then access them in their web browser, iPhone or desktop computer, that would be highly useful. Otherwise, it seems to me this app would not be different enough from the built-in apps, or from other apps that already exist.

    The event list suggested looks very complete. One other event type you might include would be Parent Teacher Conference. I work in a Catholic school, and we could use events like Mass, Prayer Service, and Retreat.

    Here are some possible name for it: Teacher’s Pet, School Maestro, A Teacher’s Life

    Good luck!

  15. Hi
    I am after an app that allows me to include attachments, links direct to web pages, provides an assessment area, if it could link into the new reminders app on the ios5 would be great




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