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Invitation to Kindergarten Teachers Around The World (Twitter Project)


There are openings for classes outside of the US and Canada to participate in this innovative project.

Many of you may remember Amy (“Miss Night”) from the post, “Inspiring Learning Outcomes with Twitter in the Kindergarten Classroom”. Amy is Project Coordinator for Kindergarten Around The World, and they are welcoming classes across the world who might wish to participate in this fun program.

Kindergarten Around The World is, “a Twitter-based virtual exchange project between kindergarten classes in different countries. It was piloted in the early spring of 2011, using 8 kindergarten classes (4 classrooms in Canada, and their partner classes in Indonesia, the Philippines, the USA, and France).”

They are hoping to expand the project for the 2011-2012 school year, so if you are interested, please click here to sign up. (Signing up does not commit you to anything – it just gets you on the list so that when the school year starts, someone can reach out and follow up on your interest and eligibility).

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  1. Debbie – I don’t run this project, but it looks like the project sign ups are now closed (based on clicking through to the link in the post). Sorry!


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