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K12.com is America’s Largest Provider of Online Education for Grades K to 12


Have you used the services of this growing international partnership-based online provider?

I sat down last night to think about what my Wednesday post was going to be about. As soon as I sat down, a commercial came on TV for K12.com, a provider of “online public school” for grades K to 12. It wasn't immediately clear what facts support the “largest” claim, but they certainly appear to be doing this on a national and international scale. I just had to check them out further.

Their home page says that they provide “individualized learning customized to each child's needs”, using an award-winning curriculum that engages students with a rich combination of online interactive and offline hands-on learning. I clicked on Find a School and then on my state, NY, and learned that they don't have offerings here yet (my understanding is that we're one a small number of remaining states that don't permit online education at the K-12 level yet, but they didn't mention that). They are partnered with 28 states and 38 countries. This page explains the different types of partnerships they have - public, private, and “blended” learning formats. Their course offerings are grouped into K – 8, High School, and Summer School, and they also offer Supplemental Education.

I was quickly impresssed with the breadth and inclusiveness of the offerings, with their passion, and with the richness of their web site. Don't just take my word for it, click on over to K12.com and learn some more if this interests you like it did me! They also have a subsite designed specifically for educational administrators.

If you're already aware of these folks and have anything you can share with us about your impression or your experiences with them, we'd love to hear more about it (click here to comment)!

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