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Virtual Labs – Award Winning Virtual Dissection Apps


These apps can save money and mess .

I asked the folks at Punflay to write something up about their new, award winning iPad apps for virtual dissections. I just thought these were so fascinating when I learned about them, I wanted to share them with readers. As it turns out, not only are these an intriguing entry into the virtual lab market, they could even save your school money! Read on to learn more. [Note: I've learned that these apps are also available for PCs and Macs – KW 4/7/11]

Animal dissections in school classrooms have long provided the rope for an extensive and never-ending tug of war between school boards, educators, animal activists, scientists, and advocates, not to mention students and parents. While many have put forth the pros and cons to dissection from both camps, what remains are the facts: animal dissection is still a part of the school biology curriculum.

Today’s educators are feeling the brunt of severe budget cuts which are forcing schools boards and teachers alike to look at ways of reducing costs without reduction in educational quality.

Let’s use this current scenario to re-examine the costs involved in maintaining a class laboratory and just how an alternative could save your school a lot of money, without affecting student learning.

Cost estimate of live frog dissections in schools

Option 1: Order a DIY Frog Dissection kit
Average cost of an all inclusive frog dissection kit with frog specimen: $12.75; Estimated total cost for a class of 30: $383

Option 2: Maintain a lab

Dissection Set (30): $444, Dissection Pans (30): $385,
Dissection Pins: $6, Frogs (30): $310

Estimated total cost for a class of 30: $1,145

(Source: http://www.pcrm.org/resch/anexp/cost_analysis.html)

Assuming that there are only two classes per year, and that each student dissects at least two frogs, that amount quadruples regardless of whether you are maintaining an extensive lab or ordering kits for each student. Not to mention, the fact that this is a recurring yearly expense.

Cost-Effective Alternative: Virtual Frog Dissection App!
Punflay’s Virtual Frog Dissection App is a cost effective and educative alternative to live animal dissections. The app allows to student to completely understand the internal biology of the frog, and use the same dissection tools as they would in a lab to simulate the dissection process.

Realistic Lab Simulation: Step-by-step instructions and 3D views provide complete imaging of the frog anatomy helping the user visualize internal organs effectively. The application replicates  an actual dissection of a chloroformed specimen, using a complete set of dissection instruments including pins, scalpel, marker, and forceps.

Scientifically Accurate: Designed by experts for biological and scientific accuracy, the app provides a realistic, virtual simulation of a frog dissection.  The app also provides additional content in the form of labels, information on frog classification, frog lifecycle, and organ functions.

Cost of the Virtual Frog Dissection iPad app: $3.99; Estimated total cost for 30 students: $119

Cost of the Virtual Frog Dissection desktop and interactive whiteboard app: $2.99; Estimated total cost for 30 students: $89

And that is a one-time payment. Volume discounts are available for the iPad app though the Apple iTunes store and for the desktop and interactive whiteboard app from Punflay.

Extend school cost savings: check out Virtual Rat Dissection for the iPad
Due to increasing demand, Punflay is adding another dissection app to its existing line-up of educational iPad apps. Now schools opting for virtual tools can extend their cost savings to higher grades as well, as students move on to rat dissection.

Just like the award-winning Frog Dissection app, Rat Dissection for the iPad has been designed for middle and high school students. The Virtual Rat Dissection app walks students through a series of steps on how to dissect a rat. Besides a virtual chloroformed specimen, Rat Dissection comes with all the dissection tools.

Internal organs are presented as 3D images and users can tap on the individual organs to see what they look like from different angles. Detailed information on the organs is provided to help the student learn about their structure and function.

Priced at $3.99, volume purchase discounts available; Estimated total cost for 30 students: $119 




  1. Cost of the Virtual Frog Dissection iPad app: $3.99; Estimated total cost for 30 students: $119

    Well of course you need to have an iPad per student which does not come down cheap,,,

  2. Hello,

    I run an online high school and we’re looking for quality solutions for virtual labs. Is there a way to run your dissections in our courses? If so, what does that look like and what is the cost?

    Brandon Shultz


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