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5 Great Posts from 2010 That You May Have Missed


Before getting under way with new posts for 2011, I thought I would shine a little light on a few posts from 2010 that I think deserve a little extra love.

I post pretty consistently here, but the reality of educator's schedules means that certain times of the year are “down time” and traffic on the site naturally diminishes. July and the end of year holidays are two of the slowest times. I wanted to give a little more air time to a few posts from that stretch that fell victim to poor timing.

There are also other posts that don't fare as well as hoped for other reasons. I've also included a couple posts below that I felt were pretty solid and worth hitting “replay” on. I hope there's a couple nuggets of information and ideas in some of these posts that you find worth the trip!

Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons, as they apply to Education
“I assume that when instructors want to know what they can or cannot do with copyrighted materials, they may often have a hard time figuring it out. I really wanted to understand the topic and provide resources to help others do the same.”

5 Examples of Improved Approaches to Assessment (from the 2010 NETP draft)
The 2010 National Education Technology Plan draft provides some great examples of formative uses of technology-based assessment tools.

5 Internet Technologies That School Administrators Need To Know About
These technologies can enable educators to improve communications, enhance student learning, controls costs, manage Internet access in the classroom, and more.

Steven Laster’s 8 Factors for Successful IT Management
While I am undeniably an Education Technology enthusiast and advocate (alright, I’m a tech geek), professionally I am first and foremost an IT Manager. Mr. Laster’s presentation was inspiring, and it addressed many ideas that I feel strongly about as a technology manager, so I’m sharing some of them here in the hopes that others can benefit from them.

5 Tips for Advancing Any Career Using Technology Tools
Five ways that students and professionals can utilize Internet based applications to advance their professional prospects.


For a listing of posts that saw plenty of (well deserved :)) traffic in 2010, check out the “Popular Posts” listing in the first sidebar on the right =>.

In the meanwhile, if anyone has not yet taken a moment to click off some answers to our simple 2 question survey, “What Can Education Technology Do For You in 2011?”, it would be hugely appreciated. Just click here to open the post with the survey in it. Thanks!


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