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Announcing EmergingEdTech’s video blog – another great way to learn about today’s education technology


I've got some great stuff to share in today's mid-week post - EmergingEdTech's new video blog, and a nice interview feature on Udemy.com!

Today I am officially launching a nice addition to EmergingEdTech's growing set of web based education technology resources – a companion video blog over on YouTube.

Interview on Udemy
Before introducing the new vlog with a quick video and looking at the first video blog post, let me take a moment to thank Udemy.com for this nice little interview we did, which they posted today. Udemy is a great website that enables anyone to create an online course (stop by and check it out!). In the interview we discuss the genesis of EmergingEdTech, and I answer a few questions about today's evolving education technology.

The new video blog!
I'm pretty excited about this - each week I'll supplement the feature post with a video blog post, in which I'll discuss that post and, since it's a video format, I can look at the topics discussed in a different way. This provides readers an opportunity to be viewers if they wish, and for anyone to consume EmergingEdTech content in a new, fun way.

Here's the first video blog post … which discusses this week's feature post, “5 Easy Steps For Students To Establish Their Personal Brand Using Social Networking“, but looks at these tips from the perspective of how all professionals can benefit from the use of social networking in a professional context.

I hope the new video blog interests you, and that you'll stop by, and subscribe!




  1. Good information will definitely try out some courses on it! Udemy and Simpliv were my favorite ones, but now I use more often courses as they share qualitative content for free.


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